Practical Conscious Creation


The Key to Becoming a Better, Faster Manifestor

By now you are no doubt familiar with the principles of Law of Attraction and Conscious Creation, and have seen or read The Secret — and you are aware of using the power of positively directed thought to improve your life.

But let’s be honest: How often do you remember to apply these? Maybe once or twice a month? Or when you come across something you really want to manifest — so you get busy visualizing? Have you really made it a way of life? Are you impatient to see things become reality, but the slowness of the process is making you crazy?

Well, I have news for you. Transforming your life through Conscious Creation is not a sometime thing. It requires rewiring your thinking and your lifestyle — and it requires consistency.

It mandates becoming proficient at Practical Conscious Creation, applying the principles of Conscious Creation to everything you do — in decision-making, energy management, relationships, attitude, mindset, rituals, activities, habits, communication, self-care and daily chores. And when you do, the reward is in becoming a better, faster manifestor, day-by-day.

And ultimately, enabling you to live a life of your choosing.

In writing my first book, The Art of Conscious Creation, I began to apply “frequency management” to my life — managing the frequency level of my thoughts and emotions so that I would increase my success at manifesting — and indeed, I could directly see the correlation between that and the realization of positive, successful developments in my life. But, I often got caught up in daily activities and let my vigilance slip. Lo and behold, so did my consistency of manifesting what I wanted.

So I realized that there had to be a way to inculcate the key principles in daily life, so much so that it would become a way of life, not an occasional thing, when you just happen to have time for a little meditation. And so Practical Conscious Creation was born!

Practical Conscious Creation isn’t a system. It’s simply applying the wisdom of the process to your daily activities.

What are some of the key elements in Practical Conscious Creation?

  • Setting Intentions/Visions — In starting any project you want to clear a smooth pathway. Setting an intention is like laying your Yellow Brick Road. It gives you and the Universe a shared direction and destination.
  • Being Clear on Where You are Heading or What Outcome You’d Like to See — You can’t get there from here if you don’t know where you’re going. Be very clear about what you want — and that your heart and head are in alignment, (i.e. your subconscious beliefs aren’t undermining your forward motion.) True clarity allows the molecules to form into a specific reality related to your intention.
  • Checking Your Mindset for Negative Thinking — You’ve got to root out any vibrations (thoughts, emotions) that are sabotaging your pathway. Negative thinking comes in a whole rainbow of colors — fear, anticipating all the reasons things won’t happen, limitations, distrust, lack of self confidence, feelings of unworthiness, blame, remembering the past experiences, needing to control, anger, etc.
  • Selecting Your Energy and Applying It — Once you’ve recognized your negative thoughts, you have the ability to choose an alternative vibration. What’s it going to be? Optimism, trust, assuming the best, faith in self, faith in the universe, cheerfulness, love, compassion, willingness, acceptance — or a combination of these?
  • Being Cognizant of Your Words — You must be vigilant about the words you use both in your mind and in the world because these have a tendency to become your reality. As you go about your project, what are you saying to yourself, to your colleagues, to your partner, to your friends, to your family and to others you’d like to influence?
  • Opening Yourself to Assistance — Too often we think of ourselves as loan wolves, everything falling on our shoulders, but if we only open ourselves to assistance, or call it forth, it can be ours. This can be in the form of tangible aid from others — people pitching in — or the Universe putting exactly what we need in our path to help us.
  • Being True to Yourself — We must be honest with ourselves and others, and be true to our desires and our values in order to fulfill our goals and our destinies. We can’t live a life of compromise for others, because that diminishes our true passion. It is the energy of passion that manifests and moves us in the direction we seek.
  • Allowing What Happens to Be OK and Being Flexible — Where many aspiring Conscious Creators fall down is in their rigidity of holding to a chosen outcome or expectation. While setting intentions and visions is important, being flexible with what manifests is even more important. Learn to adjust, accept and flow. Without resistance you can maintain a positive, gracious and happy outlook.
  • Accepting the Wisdom of the Experience — Find the gift in the experience, no matter how it turns out…what lesson, benefit, positive spin can you derive from the experience?

These are just some of the key elements, but there are so many ways to apply them.

You can apply Practical Conscious Creation to money, to relationships, to love and romance, to work, to family life, to health and healing, to all of the things that hold you back, to living life more deliciously — to anything.

And here’s the fun part: You can feel the difference in the flow of everything. If you are like me, you’ll soon start seeing things manifest far more quickly for you in all phases of your life — small daily things, large achievements, wishes, hopes, dreams.

There is something so delightful in thinking you’d like to see someone you’ve been missing, and the next minute they are calling you to say they are coming for a visit. Or pondering where your next client might come from to fill the gap in your cash flow, and you meet someone at a party who has the perfect project for you. Or, as in my case, I asked the Universe for a free vacation — and a month later a girlfriend invites me to stay at her new house in the Bahamas for a week!

Practical Conscious Creation is the key to fast-tracking your manifesting. Make it a lifestyle and you’ll be astonished at the change in your fortunes!

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