2012: Move As One and achieve your goals


What does it mean to move as one? More simply, I can tell you how it feels — You feel good! — in your thoughts, your body, and your emotions. You feel excited about achieving your goal, your heart is inspired and happy, and your body is light. Or you may feel relaxed, centered and peaceful with a sense of knowingness. So to move as one, it means your body, mind, heart and spirit are all in agreement with your goal.

Easy enough?! Right? But it doesn’t always feel easy, especially in those areas where we are blocked or stuck. So we can set a goal, but if we feel like it’s too big of a leap and can’t imagine living that way or feel forced to change, then it may not feel good, nor easy.

It could simply mean we have not aligned yet with the right connections that are in harmony with our true desire and we need to keep believing, have patience and move forward. Or more typically, this may mean in some way that we don’t believe, or feel, we can truly achieve this goal. And it may not only be in our thoughts, but locked inside our cellular body, making us feel heavy and disheartened.

For example, you want to lose weight, or have a better job, or more money, or a loving relationship. But when you think about it, it feels like an overwhelming task and your mind is saying “I’ll never be successful at it, so why try, or where would I begin?” The goal can seem overwhelming or non-achievable, especially if we lacked success in the past. And our chatty minds may repeat those unhelpful thoughts.

As we know, so much of our thought programming can come from our previous experiences, our parents’ view of the world, and our society. As a child, we’re like brand new computers that are downloaded with old software programs – some that work well and some that don’t.

A solution
So how do we “re-program” our thought patterns and achieve our goals? Learn to “move as one” in body, mind, heart and spirit:

  1. Identify and clear away old paradigms that no longer serve you,
  2. Establish a clear vision and intentions to provide focus,
  3. Take inspired actions, and
  4. Strengthen your energy by engaging your whole body.

Being in tune with ourselves requires the courage to feel, act and overcome our fears. I have found my body to speak very loudly when I’m off course and/or the results are not as I’d like. Here is a quick process to strengthen your energy and align with your desires by mapping where you are now:

  • Observe yourself. How do I feel? Where is my energy? What am I thinking about?
  • Open your breath and mind. Take a few moments to focus on your breathing to center, let go, become present and listen within.
  • Vision will inspire you. Connect with your heart. What do I really want? Imagine it; feel it; be it.
  • Engage by taking a step. Identify one thing you can do to support your desire.

Julie Delene will present a “Best Year Yet” class at Normandale Community College on January 25. To register, call 952.358.8343. Visit Normandale.augusoft.net.

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Julie Delene
Julie Delene offers training, coaching and consulting for the purpose of creating more fulfilling lives, businesses and organizations. She is the founder of Move As One LLC, creator of the M-O-V-E-S method, and is a certified trainer of Best Year Yetâ„¢, Miracle of the Breathâ„¢ and Black Sect Feng Shui.


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