My Unexpected Awakening


Life is so fascinating. A few months ago I was fired from a bizarrely stressful job. I had been putting money aside the whole time I was there, not having any clue that this would happen. The hilarious synchronicity is that I was fired on the very day Mercury went retrograde. When I realized that timing I couldn’t stop laughing. Mercury retrograde symbolizes a time to stop, reconsider and contemplate.

Another irony is the timing of getting fired. It happened when my savings were at their maximum benefit. The most significant and hilarious irony is I’m making more money retired than I was when I was working.

Another irony and synchronicity was a few days before I was fired, I had made a re-commitment to formally join our chaplain team. At the time of saying, “Yes,” I thought, “My God, girl, you must be crazy adding this to your schedule.” Then I got fired. Again, I couldn’t stop laughing. Yet again, I saw how the deck is cleared when it’s time to do something else. Being a member of our chaplain team is certainly one of the absolute joys of my life.

I always appreciate the way events unfold. No matter what is happening, if I leave room for generosity to unfold, it always does. I have been helped every step of the way during this process. The lady who helped me file for social security was so gracious. We had a blast laughing our way through a very detailed process.

There are so many awakenings in this whole process. I am by no means retired. I am in the planning and doing stages of what is unfolding for me to do next. I just finished teaching a class in my church community titled, “2012: What’s in it for you?” Teaching is such a natural thing for me to do. I am simply sharing my intuitive and embodied wisdom that I so greatly love. I continue to see and experience how faith, confidence and generosity open the way for the greatest joys imaginable.

Lately, I have been giving away bags of gently used clothing that I do not need to others who don’t have enough of what they need. I have been giving away the clothing to an organization where a high school classmate works. The joy I feel by giving away the clothing is hard to describe. It brings me such great joy to give to this place, as they are doing great work.

In this faith-filled clearing process, I know that I am circulating energy and enthusiasm so that more blessings can be made visible for me and for others. I am making so many new contacts and so greatly enjoying the expanded time and energy I have. I’m having a blast. Thank you, universe, for your enormous love and generosity.

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