Toning for the New Year!


Happy New Year Alchemy Explorers!

2012 promises to bring in an exciting and dynamic period, so let’s prepare ourselves to adapt and harmonize with the changing frequencies of our global and personal realities. Toning can help us attune ourselves and maintain balance in these times. This profound and simple practice has been used for millennia and is based on the understanding that we are Vibrational Beings! We can tune our nervous system and physical bodies the same way we tune an instrument. It just takes some practice.

To use your voice try the following:

  • Fnd an easy note (or tone) to sing
  • Hold the note steadily until your breath runs out
  • Take a long, deep inhale and repeat a few times
  • Different vowel sounds or combinations of vowel and consonant sounds can be used for different results (we’ll discuss Bijas and Mantras in a later blog.)
  • Make the “mmm” sound with the lips closed. This sound vibrates more internally and allows us to feel the resonance in our bones, organs and body cavities quite easily.
  • Bring your attention inward, perhaps closing your eyes, and notice the places where you feel the sound vibrating or buzzing. You may get other sensations like tingling, heat or cold, a feeling of fullness or even lightheadedness.
  • After holding the tone several times just be silent for a few moments and integrate.
  • To explore further begin raising or lowering the pitch you sing and notice where the different frequencies are resonating.

Sound not only affects or physical bodies, it also helps regulate and tune our bio-magnetic and etheric fields so we can feel more clear, alert and safe. In a recent study in Sweden, scientists found that “humming” increases ventilation in the paranasal sinus cavities, which resulted in a dramatic increase of 15 times higher nitric oxide levels than in normal breathing! This is important because nitric oxide dilates capillary beds and increases blood flow in the sinuses and the brain. More blood flow means more oxygen which can account for mental clarity and euphoric sensations experienced by people who use mantras in meditation (or in group chanting, of course!). From this study the researchers felt that humming could also reduce sinus and upper respiratory infections.

As we delve into the coming six part series, “The Psalms of Sex” I will show you how to enhance and deepen intimacy and connection using toning and mantras combined with breath and emotional awareness. By attuning to our partners through sound and breath a deeper empathy and feeling of oneness can be experienced. Yes! We can orchestrate our own love themes, so stay tuned and listen Between the Notes. Some exciting frequencies are pulsating your way!

I would like to hear your experiences and thoughts on this topic. Feel free to write comments!

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Philippo Franchini is a world-renowned musician and pioneer in bringing Nada Yoga to the West. He has been called "the Ram Dass of meditative music." Ram Dass made meditation popular in the 70s via his book, Be Here Now, and Philippo is bringing Nada Yoga to the West via his CD, Magic & Grace, which, you could say, is the result of "being here now" for three decades! Currently living in Los Angeles, Philippo has performed at Bhakti Fest, the House of Blues, the Kodak Theatre, BB King’s, the Santa Cruz Civic Auditorium, Esalen Institute, Omega Institute, and the Kripalu Yoga Center. He also performed at the Milan International Yoga Festival in October 2010, and at many other clubs and festivals all over the world. Fans have heard his music live in the States, Canada, Dubai, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, England, Spain, and Egypt. He tours regularly with David Newman and the collective groove ensemble known as Shaman’s Dream. He has also played and recorded with Jillian Speer, Dave Stringer, the Persian singer Siavesh Ghomayshi, DJ Andy Caldwell, and Suzanne Teng. His music compositions have been used in several films, including Mean Girls (2004) and Desperately Seeking Paul McCartney (2008).


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