When the Student is Ready, the Teacher Appears


I have always been interested, fascinated and intrigued by things of the spirit — near-death experiences, out-of-body adventures, ESP, psychics, spirit communication — for I found them all totally fascinating. But I had no personal experience with any of them. Little did I know what an integral role some would play in my life and how they would make my life so meaningful and help me to feel so valued.

The fact that my daughter had to die before I would have the knowingness to tap into these spiritual gifts makes me more than a little angry. But yet, I know that if she had not left this world for the next, I would not be in the place that I find myself today. I owe her so much.

Now, I suspect that there are many people who find these subjects to be fascinating…but it ends there – with just a fascination. It was that way with me for the first 49 years of my life. However, everything changed on September 20, 2003.

That was the day that my beautiful daughter died very tragically, very suddenly and very unexpectedly. But that was also the day that a new world opened its door for me and I walked through. One of my children, whom I loved more than anything else in this world, was gone. What did I have to lose?

There is a saying that when the student is ready, the teacher appears. That was certainly true for me. Within four months of my daughter’s death I found myself in a reading with Kathryn Harwig. My connection with Kathryn not only forged a new connection with my daughter, but it also opened up a whole new world of psychic development for me.

In short, Kathryn was instrumental in helping me to find my joy again. I now write and speak and share my incredible grief journey with anyone who will listen. My perception and view of the world has completely expanded and nothing will ever be the same again…and that is cause for celebration and joy!

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Kim Wencl
Kimberly Wencl is a Homestead Hospice House Volunteer, a writer and a speaker who lives in southern Minnesota. Visit her website, Love Lives On, at kimwencl.com.


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