May your inner dragon keep you brave in 2012


Two decades ago, before the human potential movement morphed into Oprah and Buddhist principles paved the way for Presence studies, The Edge was created in the Upper Midwest to share insights on the essence of spirituality and the integration of alternative healing and conventional medicine.

It was a time of great expansion. Holistic business was booming as new centers opened far and wide to offer treatments and classes on complementary therapies. New shops opened to share books and gifts to support body, mind and soul.

Every month, and every year, revealed more. The Edge continued to evolve in concert with the holistic community, ever mindful of the need to offer support in an era filled with uncertainty. Contributors wrote articles that uplifted our spirits, all the while knowing that transformation is not an easy business.

Now it is 2012. We’ve witnessed incredible upheaval on this planet in recent years. It has taken a toll. Climate change has taken many lives; the collapse of the stock market has erased many life savings. And many of the people who opened small businesses to support body, mind and soul have had to shut their doors.

The Edge, which turns 20 in 2012, remains here to offer its support. Each month in 2012, we will celebrate the legacy of this publication [Explore The Edge’s legacy here].

Chinese astrology proclaims 2012 as the Year of the Dragon, the mightiest of all signs, regarded in China as a divine beast, not one we should seek and destroy. The dragon symbolizes ambition, dominance, bravery and success. Dragons are free spirits with great passion.

It is fitting that 2012 is a dragon year, not because it will take dragon powers to overcome all of the doomsday hype attached to the end of this year, but because the transformation every one of us is going through requires dragon-like resiliency and determination.

Your experience — with spirituality, with healing, with magic and inspiration — has prepared you for this moment. Be strong and be bold!

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