O’Neal Hampton to launch new foundation at Body Mind Life Expo


He gained enormous popularity during his appearances on national TV. Now O’Neal Hampton is reaching out to help others transform their lives for the better, because he believes everyone deserves happiness.

The popular “Biggest Loser” season 9 contestant, who dropped a stunning 159 pounds and gained thousands of fans in 2010, has spent the last two years paying it forward: helping others to realize their dreams of living healthier, more fulfilling lives. Now he’s ready to take the next step in his life’s journey. Hampton will announce the launch of the O’Neal Hampton Wellness Foundation during this year’s Body Mind Life Expo [www.BodyMindLifeExpo.com], March 17-18 at the Minneapolis Convention Center. He will also share his inspiring, motivational messages that are helping countless people reclaim their lives.

A vision becomes reality
The O’Neal Hampton Wellness Foundation, based in Bloomington, is initially focused on helping severely obese individuals and their families to make life changes. From controllable lifestyle behaviors (exercise, smoking, stress, drinking and poor nutrition) to rebuilding self-esteem, Hampton wants to be instrumental in helping to combat obesity and the poor health habits that lead to obesity.

“It’s a very thin line between wanting a change and making a change,” he says. “It’s never too late no matter what your situation. When you start doing good things, your body will respond.

“Twenty two million people applied to be part of season 9 ‘Biggest Loser.’ They were desperate to make a change in their lives. Through this Foundation, I’m trying to give the same happiness that I got during my time on the Biggest Loser ranch.”

Physical, emotional and spiritual
Hampton is extremely excited to be a living example that change is possible. Fans may be surprised to learn that his approach to life and happiness is deeply spiritual. His messages include:

  • Re-building your self-esteem starts from within. “Sit alone in a room facing a mirror. Talk with the person in the mirror: What is our self-worth? What are you willing to do to change that? When you hear it said out loud, it resonates the beginning of change. I’m not a professional — there are no initials behind my name — but I ask the hard line questions that need to be asked. If you need professional help, I’ll suggest that. But one way or another, you’ve got to learn to trust that person in the mirror.” Hampton knows that low self-worth can be a barrier to change. “When you’re in the deepest darkest hole, you don’t know who to reach out to because you’re afraid people may not understand what’s going on in your head. Now, you’ll be able to reach out to someone at the Foundation, and you’ll get a response that may spark a change in you. Because someone cares and totally understands what you are going through.”
  • Follow the 18-inch rule. “It is exactly 18 inches from your heart to your brain. Once you connect those inches, there is nothing you can’t do. You have to have an equal measure of skill and will. If you bring the heartfelt desire to change, you will change.”
  • Recognize that in everyone’s life, there are 10 defining moments, seven critical choices and five pivotal people. “You need to look within yourself and try to define them. You can’t fix anything until you know what’s broken. When you take the time to do this, you’ll be open to being healed.” Hampton counts his mother among his five pivotal people because she instilled in him his foundation of spirituality. He counts the Wellness Foundation as one of his critical choices. “I’m operating this Foundation from the heart.”

Body Mind Life Expo
Over the years, the Body Mind Life Expo has become a trusted clearinghouse for information related to health and wellness, from fitness and nutrition to spirituality and emotional healing. Those watching their pennies appreciate the fact that admission always includes free back-to-back seminars on everything from Zumba, proper exercise techniques, weight management and anti-aging tips, to the latest on the use of therapeutic essential oils and other fact-based ideas for taking control of your physical, emotional and spiritual health.

People also spend quality time exploring local resources including environmentally friendly products, stress-free vacation ideas, workshops and classes, counseling and motivational centers, clinics, acupuncture/bodywork services and more.

Visit www.BodyMindLifeExpo.com to Shop at the Show before you go. Admission is $3 with the half price coupon available at www.101expos.com, and free to kids 17 and under when accompanied by an adult. Further information is available on the expo hotline: 612.798.7256.

This year’s Body Mind Life Expo is made possible in part by Sun Country Airlines, KSTC Channel 45 and The Edge magazine.

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