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Love revealed through the power of intention

The author and her husband Tom were married in the Jokhang Temple in Lhasa, Tibet.

I was divorced and happily single for 13 years. I had a satisfying career, a Feng Shui practice I loved, a wonderful family and terrific group of friends. I was proud of my accomplishments and content with my life. As it turns out, Feng Shui friends had different plans for me. In their wisdom, they know romance has the potential to enhance even the most wonderful life. With gentle and loving encouragement, they prompted me to consider “calling in” a relationship — as we like to say in Feng Shui.

“Calling in,” a Feng Shui term, refers to a two-step process of setting an intention. The first step is making a thoughtful and clear decision about what you want to change or have happen in a certain area of your life. The second step involves utilizing the energy of your environment to support that intention.

It is easy to entertain a romantic notion of calling in a partner; however, serious consideration had to be given to this potentially life-changing act. Was I willing to make the time to devote to a relationship? How easily could I imagine a partner fitting into my community of friends and family, or my home? These questions are both emotional and practical.

After giving it serious thought over several weeks, I responded, “I’m ready.” The intention was set! With excited anticipation, I scheduled a Feng Shui appointment with my colleagues (yes, we schedule appointments among ourselves just as we do with clients). Familiarity with our own space can cloud our ability to objectively assess the energy(s) that may potentially block our intentions.

Following the three-hour consultation, a tremendous energy shift resulted; I found myself newly energized. My bed had been re-positioned and the 80 images of a single woman (Yin) I didn’t realize I had accumulated over the years were balanced with photos of men (Yang). These were but a few of the adjustments my “Love Divas” made. My space, which had nurtured and supported me as a single woman, was now supporting the possibility of a partnership. My home and I had been “re-adjusted” for balance and re-awakened with a sense of anticipation.

At that time, two of the women were dating men named “Tom.” Our Feng Shui teacher’s husband is Tom. In the course of the consultation, I casually said, “I guess I need to call in a Tom!” None of us gave the comment a second thought.

I was truly on the journey! I admit I like to try to control situations. Could I let go of this one and let it unfold as it was meant to? Could I accept an outcome different from the one I intended? But more importantly, would I be open to the all the possibilities that might be presented to me?

A month later, my acupuncturist asked if I was interested in meeting a great guy with whom her husband worked. “I would,” I said. “What is his name?”

“Tom,” she replied. Oh my, the Universe can be playful!

Two years later, Tom and I traveled to China and Tibet on a Feng Shui-focused tour. Included in the group of travelers were my “Feng Shui Love Divas!” It started almost immediately. “Why don’t you and Tom get married on this trip?” Everyone got caught up in the excitement of this possibility and participated in conspiring to make it happen. How could we resist? We were in love! We said, “Yes!” The intention was set!

Our remarkable wedding, created in a matter of two days, was an inspiring example of the power of setting a pure and focused intention, then completely letting go of questioning how it might happen. Tom and I could not have dreamed that day, let alone planned it! Everything fell into place. Our intentional energy carried us effortlessly, culminating in an extraordinary wedding ceremony in a far away place we could never have imagined!

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