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During my journey of searching for myself, who I was beyond this realm of existence, I met a companion soul. Victoria. If there are human angels, and I believe there are, Victoria is one of them. A petite pretty blonde, with passionate blue eyes and a soul vibration that reaches out to you with love and understanding. I met her at an expo and the connection was quick, easy and definite. We looked into each other’s eyes and recognized each other, a soul recognition. We hugged each other and exclaimed, “a soul sister.”

Like me, Victoria has had “alien” visitations her entire life, and she is an extremely gifted massage therapist, healer, photographer and singer. When I have listened to her sing, tears flowed from my eyes. She has an extremely high voice with perfect pitch and sounds like an angel. Receiving messages from other realms also was easy for her, so we could compare notes and just bask in each other’s understanding and knowing. When a person totally “gets you,” there is something so special and rewarding from the relationship. You do not have to try to explain or try to have someone else understand where you are coming from. We both know we came from the stars, that our home was not the earth plane, but a star system far beyond.

The acceptance and love I have received from Victoria is priceless. My love for her is eternal. Being friends with Victoria was easy, because we were so much alike. It has not always been easy for Victoria, just as it has not been easy for me. We felt like two souls in a strange world. We could not quite grasp or understand how things operated here. I would sit on Victoria’s front patio and she would start singing and hundreds of birds would immediately come and land in her front yard. She is in tune and has an uncanny ability to call birds — and also UFOs, which appear at her beck and call. I have been on many explorations with Victoria when UFOs were called, and they would appear.

For some, this may be hard to believe. This is all true, so please stretch yourself, as there is so much more to know and understand.

Soulmate in Sedona
My connection to spirit was very strong at this point and I kept receiving messages that told me I was about to meet someone of importance to me. I received a message that a soulmate was living in Sedona, that I would be meeting him, and that he was a galactic partner not from this realm.

I went to Sedona to look for UFOs with Victoria. She has hundreds of hours of documented footage of UFOs. I always enjoy going with her and it proves to be both exciting and provocative.

We headed to Sedona and met some other friends there. We waited until dark and off to our designated location we went. We waited about 30 minutes, and in accord with my friend’s promptings, three UFOs appeared. I stared at one of the crafts for some time and then noticed one in the center of the formation. It mesmerized me. I started walking and walking, as if I could somehow walk up to the craft. I started crying hysterically, but not because I was afraid. It was a release of overwhelming emotion.

My spirit seemed to beam up to the craft and I saw a beautiful being standing there. He said to me, “I will be joining you soon. You are my queen and I am your King.”

It was such a powerful, emotional experience. Even today I can picture that being standing on the ship and feeling the presence. After this experience, every night for two continual weeks this being would come and visit me every evening and talk to me. It was all in the etheric plane, but it really seemed real.

The star nation
Two weeks after we had been to Sedona, Victoria and I decided to go to a Native American peace and prayer day. The goal was to bring about peace and acceptance in the world. It took place in a very remote town in northern Arizona on the Navajo reservation.

Victoria and I were there to represent the “star nation.” At the event, I had met a man who also was interested in UFOs and liked to talk about metaphysical subjects. I was not really attracted to him, as he was about 15 years my junior, but I really did find him interesting. His name was Harold and he lived in Sedona.

I gave him my phone number and a few days after I returned to Phoenix, he called; I had almost forgotten that I actually met him when he telephoned. He invited me to Sedona the following weekend, and since I had no plans, I accepted. We were going to spend our time talking about metaphysical things, and that sounded like fun.

I made the trek to Sedona again and discovered that Harold was actually living in an old RV at a park next to the river. When I arrived, he started singing to me and playing his guitar. He was an extremely talented musician. I found his music and playing very passionate, and my body started to shake uncontrollably. I could not understand why my body had started to react in this way.

We had a couple of cocktails so I could settle down a little, and we talked about UFOs, the galaxy and our spiritual beliefs. All of sudden, he looked at me and said, “I am your King, and you are my Queen and I have come from the stars to see you again.”

I was absolutely speechless, and then he started to tell me all the things my etheric visitor had said in the last two weeks. My body started shaking again. Here he was, a living human.

All I could say was, “Who are you?”

We had a great weekend talking, laughing, singing, and just getting to know each other. When I left I was again shaking. I just could not figure out what that was all about.

The song he continued to sing was, “I Knew I Loved You.” Here are the lyrics:

Maybe it’s intuition
But some things you just don’t question
Like in your eyes, I see my future in an instant
And there it goes,
I think I found my best friend
I know that it might sound
More than a little crazy
But I believe…

I knew I loved you before I met you
I think I dreamed you into life
I knew I loved you before I met you
I have been waiting all my life

There’s just no rhyme or reason
Only the sense of completion
And in your eyes, I see
The missing pieces I’m searching for
I think I’ve found my way home
I know that it might sound
More than a little crazy
But I believe…

I knew I loved you before I met you
I think I dreamed you into life
I knew I loved you before I met you
I have been waiting all my life

A thousand angels dance around you
I am complete now that I’ve found you

I knew I loved you before I met you
I think I dreamed you into life
I knew I loved you before I met you
I have been waiting all my life

The missing pieces
I did not know at the time why my body shook, and the song scared me. But I would soon learn what the missing pieces meant and the meaning of true love.

The following week, Harold called again and wanted to come and visit me in Phoenix. I agreed to let him come, as our conversations were very stimulating. He showed up on Friday evening, and as a result of some very unusual circumstances, he ended up staying for three months.

I lived in an apartment complex on the outskirts of Phoenix, and I felt very safe and secure. On the second day of his stay, someone had broken into the complex and shot out all the windows in his car. The next day, someone had stolen his car battery. We both felt we were being forced together to learn something.

I looked at him, and said, “Why are you doing this?”

He just replied, “It’s not me, it must be you.”

Harold was completely the opposite of me, in every way. I was a day person, and he was a night person. I was blonde, blue eyed, and he had dark hair, and dark brown eyes. He was very musically gifted and I could not sing or play a note. The only thing the two of actually agreed on was our philosophies on UFOs and the galaxy.

The energy between us was electric. We were so drawn to each other, but for no real reason. He was not someone I would normally date, and I was not someone he would date either. Everything I judged as bad in a man, he was. Everything he did not like in a woman, I was. However, the electricity could not be denied; it felt like a force bigger than the two of us was actually in control.

The energy between us was addictive; neither one of us could keep our hands off the other. The love we felt for each other was tremendous. In the heart, this union felt perfect; in the head, we both thought this was the strangest union we had ever encountered.

Something to accomplish
We really enjoyed being able to play together, to laugh and mentally banter with each other. We would explore unknown mental territory, and no subjects were off limit. We could be ourselves and lay everything on the table, even if the other person did not like what they saw. We explored areas in ourselves that were not yet healed or brought to completion, jealousy, judgment of others, unconditional love versus conditional love, dependencies and freedom, control and acceptance.

It seemed like a long three months – and a short three months – at the same time. It was a time of extremes: very high energy and very low energy. We seemed to be exploring the opposite of what we were, each one curious about the other and each one not quite willing to let go of mental beliefs enough to create a total union. When the heart energies were engaged, though, it was just love flowing and nothing else.

I came to see that he was the other half of me, the half of me I had denied and not allowed to be free. We both felt like we had something to accomplish, and we did.

Harold would leave, only to be drawn back to complete whatever it was we were doing. I would send him away and then want him to come back. It felt like a force beyond both of us.

Through the process we came to learn we could communicate with each other when we were not together. We would call the other’s spirit self and communicate whatever we were thinking or feeling. Being in touch this way set up unreal scenes in the physical world. Twice when we were apart I drove to Sedona and ran into him totally unexpectedly. Once I entered a store and there he was. Another time I was driving down a side road and looked in my rear view mirror to find that he had magically appeared out of nowhere.

Our bond was extremely strong, but what was it about? He certainly was not a man I would consider spending my life with, nor was I a woman he would choose to be a life partner. It is hard for me to communicate the draw of the energy.

Twin flames
We lived together for three months, and the relationship went back and forth for about a year, me living in a couple of different places and him doing the same. Finally an ending came; we met each other one evening and decided to go into the hot tub. Both of us loved to sit in the hot tub and talk.

We started kissing, and for some reason on this starlit, full moon night, we came together completely – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. It is a night I will never forget as it felt so ecstatic and so completely passionate. It was as if our spirit self had merged completely after being apart for eons of time. After this encounter we parted, and suddenly it seemed to be complete. I had heard of the concept of twin flames, a soul split that had taken opposite pathways. This is really how it felt after years of separation and coming together again.

As difficult as this experience had been for both of us, Harold and I agreed that we would have chosen to do it all over again for what we had learned and the understanding we had gained. Coming to love the things you judge as not you is a lesson to be savored, not denied. It is easy to love someone who is similar, as Victoria is, but it is much harder to love the dark part of ourselves that seem to be hidden from sight.

My soul self felt complete, I had found my missing pieces, I learned to love everything, and I now had gained compassion. My heart and head were in unison. The song was absolutely correct, for I had found my missing pieces and I had found my way home. I had learned what being “in” love means: loving everything. It means not seeing my way as the only “right” way. And it means being aligned totally.

There is a lot of freedom in seeing the beauty in everyone and in loving everyone. Spirit informed me that being in love is actually “being in the love, a feeling, a vibration.

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