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My life is a story of Love being revealed. Love has become my best friend and constant companion and the most transformative medicine I have ever taken. Love is the healer of all fear and wants to be utilized. I have and always will take advantage of Love’s offer.

Love is more to me than a good feeling, although that is what Love creates. Love is an actual energy and the essence of Spirit. Love appeared in my life many moons ago, when I felt hopeless. I had experienced one too many break ups and desperately desired a man to love me. I had read every book about manifestation, following instructions to the tee, but nothing seemed to change.

One day, I decided to make a greater effort with my meditation practice, hoping for insight. Instead of praying so hard for what I wanted, I listened. Over time, as my inner experience began to deepen, I heard a beautiful voice. The voice was warm and created a peaceful sensation in my heart. For the first time in my life, I felt pure Love. I heard this voice declare how wonderful I was, but I couldn’t accept it. I heard my own voice say, “I am not good enough,” to which the other voice said, “That’s fear talking. What do you suppose Love would say?”

I put my hand against my heart and waited.

“You are enough; just love yourself,” Love whispered.

I replied, “Great, but I still want someone to want me. To hold me at night. To love me!”

Then, Love set me straight: “You need to love you instead of needing a man to. You need to want yourself instead of needing a man to want you. You do not need a man, Lisa. You need your self!”

From that day forward, I engaged in reclaiming a relationship with my authentic self by listening to my heart. Yet, it also became apparent that voices of fear were deeply embedded and did not easily disappear. And, even though Love gave me a more powerful perception about myself, I didn’t believe. Fear was so strong, so destructive, so blinding, that it felt like an ongoing snow shower in my brain. I realized I could not simply shut out fear; I needed to heal fear. That’s when Love became my medicine.

The most healing quality that Love has ever revealed about itself was comfort. When relationships ended for me, the messages fear always shouted were, “You did something wrong” and “You’re not okay.” Love would just hold this story and say, “I understand you feel this way. I hear you.” A simple acknowledgment of my truth without judgment. And, somehow, because of this comfort, I was able to move away from a diminishing story and live into a joyful one. Love helped me move forward by actually holding what hurt first.

Once I started asking Love for help, I realized that all my experiences were stepping stones and, that even the most difficult times were gifts for my growth. Love helped me to feel grateful. The more I listened to Love, my feelings shifted and my life began to change. I began to attract better relationships, better health and more prosperity. I stopped being a victim to life and created life instead. And, a man became frosting on the cake, not the cake itself. I related in a more powerful way, because I was vibrating from the presence of real Love, the only kind of love that can truly complete me.

Over time, I brought together all the elements I used to heal myself and created a tangible process for my clients with great success. Love gives people more power and healing assistance than I could ever provide or would want to. Traditional therapy and affirmations can only go so far. I have had countless reports from clients who have done years of therapy, yet made little progress until they started accessing the spirit of Love.

Ironically, in the beginning, my entire motivation was to land a man, which eventually didn’t matter because I felt so happy on the inside. (Although, I did finally attract a great partner!) Love showed me that life is not about getting what you want; life is about being who you are: a beautiful being of Love.

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Lisa Venable
Lisa Venable, M.A. is an author, inspirational speaker and spiritual psychotherapist. Lisa's mission is to help people live from their heart instead of their limiting ego and create a world where Love prevails. Lisa provides stress management training for nurses, social workers and adults with aging parents. Lisa also facilitates a volunteer program, "Love Angels" that provides comfort care to nursing home residents. Visit


  1. Beautiful and insightful article! And very, very practical. One can spend endless time and effort trying to fix oneself or find someone or something to make us feel we’re special or enough. But those painful or lonely feelings are calling us to places not where we’re actually broken or insufficient, but places that we’ve simply “separated” from our own love. These hurt feelings and fearful voices are actually “speaking” from this judged, deprived place. As you explain, they are not our true voice. They are a “wounded” voice. And our job is not to believe this voice or even argue with it … but, ideally, to see it as nothing more than a signal showing us where we carry an unloving thought towards our self. And showing us where we need to direct our own compassion, care and understanding.

    When dealing with a particularly reactive wound and a particularly insistent “wounded” voice, that fear can seem very convincing and start to get the better of us. When fear gathers it tends to constrict us and distort our view. At such times I find it’s best just to take a step back … and in a quiet or meditative state, I ask to be filled with the light and love that “displaces” fear. This takes a little discipline because we must create at least a bit of “separation” from any panic or despair we may feel. And it takes a bit of patience, because some time is needed for this light to actually clear the distortion that the fear has created. (Actually visualizing being filled and surrounded in a warm white light – breathing in the light and gently exhaling fear – helps this technique.) But I believe this request is always answered because divine light always sees through our fear, even if, for the moment, we do not.


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