On the Power of Love


Love is an odd word, as it conjures up all kinds of emotions and beliefs around it. Some good, some not so good. How can something that’s supposed to be so beautiful cause so much heartache and challenges for so many? People talk about it and give it a lot of lip service, but their actions don’t always support their words. Everybody wants to love and be loved, but what does that really mean?

What I’ve come to understand is that Love is not an emotion! True love, real love, is a power. A force of Source, so to speak. It is a power that commands the very essence of the universe.

It is not something you “send” someone; it is recognition of their power of love, and it is holding them in your sacred heart where your power of love resides. Experiment and feel the difference. Take someone who you think needs your love sent to them for any reason, and try sending them love/energy/light. Now, take the same person and bring them into your heart, hold them there, and just feel what you feel for them.

The big difference is that “sending” them love/energy/light requires judgment. You believe they need something from you that they don’t already have. Holding them in your heart requires no judgment or perceived outcome – and you can experience the power of love in action. Notice when you take that breath of joy, and smile, that you have truly used your power of love.

The highest emotions of love are joy and compassion, because that is what you feel when you are “experiencing” that power. Even if you think someone else loves you, you are experiencing the power of love within yourself, and it makes you feel joyful.

To really experience love as a power, check to see how joyful and compassionate you are (really). If you aren’t feeling the emotion of joy, then there isn’t a whole lot of love power being commanded, used or expressed. This isn’t a time to chastise yourself if you aren’t feeling joyful. It’s a time to bring yourself in and hold yourself in your own heart so you can experience the real power of love.

It takes some practice, but to quicken the results, every morning play a game as a child would and ask yourself in a joyful manner, “Who or what can I love?” and “Who can I forgive?” Play with what comes up for you. It can work like magic as you become more joyful and happier and then the inherent and natural power of your love will shine through.

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Kim Eisen
Kim Eisen is a Life Breakthrough Success Coach and Experienced and Intuitive Master of EFT "Tapping." She has helped hundreds of clients to heal their emotional wounds and create a more abundant life since 1999. Kim is a co-author with Dr. Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, et al., in the book Wake Up: Live the Life you Love - Finding Personal Freedom. She is the creator of many programs and seminars like "Get Rid of My Stuff," "Transcend," "Attraction Today" and "Shortcut to Success." Get your Free "Easy EFT - Quick Start Guide" at www.DoEFT.com. Set up a free 15-minute chat with Kim at www.SuccessAndEFT.com or call 612.802.4325.


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