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I was first introduced to Multidimensional Human Design Systems (MHDS) analysis after taking a course: Human Design and the Body Graph Chart. This Human Design course focused on the body graph chart, used by most practitioners to analyze the design and personality of an individual.

While sitting in class, I kept having a mystical experience of seeing and feeling a multidimensional fluid structure in which the body graph was only one layer. At the end of the course, I approached the instructor to share my experience and she encouraged me to contact Eleanor Haspel-Portner, who is now my mentor. She is the pioneering scientist and founder of MHDS analysis and has been performing extensive research on it for more than 20 years.

In 2004, when I contacted Eleanor, she offered to do a MHDS analysis for me. After giving her my date, time and place of birth, she emailed my MHDS Mandala to me. Upon seeing it, I began to weep, because I recognized it on a very deep and subconscious level.

After spending some time with her over the telephone discussing my MHDS, I asked if I could study with her. She said that I didn’t need to make the trip to California, because I had all I needed to analyze a MHDS within me. She said that I had received the downloaded transmission of MHDS during the Harmonic Convergence in 1987 and that I had what was necessary to perform analysis. Although I remember having a profound mystical experience during the Harmonic Convergence, I had not been able to make sense of it.

Being a social scientist, I believed I needed her instruction. Being a mystic, I knew I needed to be in her presence to activate what I had to authentically perform MHDS analysis. So, she finally agreed to let me visit her and study. I studied in her physical presence in 2005 and 2007. It was the most profound learning experience I have ever had. The teaching was not linear and my understanding was felt in my body, not analyzed by my intellect. I realized that MHDS is not another attempt to offer explanations or rationalizations for the self or the ego. It provides a container for disintegrating the belief of the separate self and for igniting the radical transformation into the infinite.

MHDS analysis provides information for our intellects to move into new possibilities, ideas and beliefs. It is a system that can gently stretch our limited thinking and conditioning of the separate self into broader potential. It offers an opportunity to integrate our physical, emotional, spiritual and mental aspects into an energetic design, which reflects our capacity to navigate being alone, interacting in the world, being in relationships, contributing to humanity and reaching the depth of our core. Most importantly, MHDS allows the alignment of an individual’s unique circuity to be ignited and integrated to reach their highest potential.

I feel called to share MHDS by providing individual analysis, because my purpose is to support humanity in reaching its highest potential. Having spent the past 25 years as an integrative psychotherapist, transformational coach and spiritual teacher, I appreciate the depth and expansion that MHDS provides for personal transformation and relationship development.

This is an exciting year to align with your unique gifts and circuitry so you may authentically access and share the abundant energy available. MHDS, with its ancient systems of knowledge, can support you in aligning and attuning the energies with your unique design.

Maureen Pelton will teach an introductory class in MHDS on Wednesday, Feb. 15, at Normandale Community College. For more information, call Call 952.358.8343.

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Maureen Pelton
Maureen Pelton, MSW, LICSW has spent 25 years using her intuitive gifts and scientific applications as an integrative psychotherapist, professional coach, teacher, speaker and organizational consultant. Founder of the HeartSight method for opening the heart and accessing intuition, she has taught at the Center for Spirituality & Healing and The Penny George Institute for Health & Healing. Maureen inspires, ignites and integrates human potential. She can be reached at 952.250.2205 or email [email protected]. For more information, please visit and sign-up for a free body graph chart.


  1. Well, if you are that excited about MHDS, I believe when you begin to realize there is so much to learn beyond MHDS, your life will change is more. There is a plateau to every energy technique currently being promoted by human’s. There is more Maureen….so much more!! MHDS kind of creates it’s own glass ceiling. I know it may be hard to believe…..but alas, it is so. So when you stop at a certain point, so it is you help others to reach that limited point and glass ceiling. Thanks for you article.


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