‘A Cabaret of Consciousness’ coming to St. Paul


A Cabaret of Consciousness, a one-woman musical starring Gina Citoli, brings us Mama Earth as you’ve never seen her before. She is coming to rock The Cabaret at Camp Bar in downtown St. Paul – and Mama has a plan. However, to put her plan into action she must first encourage humanity to wake up to their true power and potential – then anything is possible!

With song, story, humor and candid conversation, Mother Earth ignites imagination, arouses the mind and inspires the heart with a wealth of extraordinary concepts to navigate the times in which we live. The musical features two songs produced by Grammy winning producer Barry Goldstein.

The event will be from 7:30-9 p.m. Thursday, March 22, at The Cabaret at Camp Bar, 490 N. Robert St., St. Paul [651.292.1844].

“A Cabaret of Consciousness” is much more than entertainment. It is a brilliant road map that lead us to a higher vision for Humanity and the Earth — and it’s a whole lot of fun!

Citoli, who resides in Prescott, WI, has performed with rave reviews and standing ovations from Vienna, Austria, New York’s Battery Park, the Beverly Hillshire Screening Facility in Beverly Hills and across the United States. She has studied the environment and human potential and has become an internationally acclaimed singer and award winning songwriter in pursuit of her dream to write a musical that would carry a message of inspiration and hope for the human race.

More information on this performance: www.ACabaretofConsciousness.com. See video of what people are saying after a show.

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