Compassionate dialoguing with the “spirit of place” for positive property outcomes


Everything is connected, but did you realize you could be having a more compassionate relationship to your home and your property, for the highest good of all?

Everybody and everything is an inseparable part of the whole big reality we experience together here on earth. Our environment has an impact on our consciousness, which affects our behavior, and our consciousness, our emotions and thoughts have an impact on our environment. This “love consciousness” connects different aspects of a property.

As a remote energy healer, I was recently asked to “read” a rental property with the intention of finding out how this place could be energetically and economically more supportive and satisfying for the landlord and the neighborhood. During the reading, all aspects of this place were allowed to speak. My remote viewing provided the following energetic information:

  • The “spirit of the place” communicated that it embraces all the parts of the system. I could sense and see it holding its arms around all the positions and saying: “They have disconnected us. Bring a tree to this place so that the place can breathe again.”
  • The “plot of land” answered: “With a tree I can stand straight, upright again…I can connect again with my environment!”
  • And the “house” on that plot said: “A tree would be like a home, like having a life, like our love had life again!”

Trees are regarded as celestial poles that connect earth and sky. They easily become a sacred center of any space. Trees enhance grounding and trust in the future, freely provide specific beneficial energies, and build a backbone for a healthy property energetic system.

In this case, the reading inspired the landlord to transfer a tree from his own garden to his rental property. This was a wonderful idea as it also invited the feeling of a personal offering for his rental place.

In another situation, I was called upon to help the owners of a London apartment understand why a room unit wasn’t letting. During a remote viewing, I had a dialogue with the “spirit of the place” and accessed the following information:

In my mind’s eye, I saw a young woman, sitting on the bed. I asked her, “Who would be the ideal tenant for this room?”

She replied, “Somebody who loves the house like I do!”

Next I saw several people considering the place without taking it. Then a young lady enters the room, relaxes, smiles and stays.

This dialogue with the “spirit of the place” made clear what type of person the room would welcome. Once the owners knew a young woman was ideal for the property, they could relax about this situation. I’ve heard that the female renter who did, in fact, show up within the time I was given from my reading is a lovely person and a real asset for the house as she loves to keep it clean and decorated with beautiful flowers.

It is possible to identify and align with the path of highest good for a property or any other space as well. We affect and are affected by the energy flow and patterns of our spaces, buildings and homes. Sometimes they are created by us, sometimes they are not even ours. Once brought into the light, released and shifted, life can unfold in so much more harmonious and truer ways.

Benefits of shifting the energy of a property or space
The benefits of employing energetic healing like the Eartheart Matters Processâ„¢ include:

  • •Creating an optimistic vision and outlook for any kind of property projec
  • Increased clarity and motivation for any kind of action needed
  • Releasing the stress of property or personal issues connected to a space
  • Energetic alignment when looking for a new home, attracting the right place and letting go of the present one
  • Attracting an ideal new tenant in a timely manner and reducing vacancy periods
  • Better relationships with all people and circumstances involved
  • Gaining practical wisdom related to property management and connecting with your space
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  1. Gabriele, thank you for the enlightening article about reading the energy of a place. It’s great to realize that space/place also wants to invite in the energy of connection and love.


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