Living a Fantasy or Living my Truth?

Recently I had a very dear friend tell me that I was living a fantasy. The way he viewed what was realistic and the way I viewed what was possible caused a clash of perceptions and interpretations.

“Is it not a gift when the imagination is given permission to soar, in living color, limitless in its desires?” I asked. How sad and tragic it is when people are so stuck in sameness and their limiting beliefs that they cannot see the blessing that awaits them.

I imagined that I could set any goal and bring it to life. I had dreams. I wondered, “If I could do anything I wanted, what would it be?”

Days passed as I relived that conversation numerous times in my mind, hearing what I felt were offensive words, feeling a bit betrayed and rather wounded for several weeks. Then one day, it was as if a switch flipped in my thinking, and I quickly shifted my emotions from feeling bad to being glad.

In truth, I always knew that they broke the mold when I was born, and many of my ways are unique, original, and one of a kind. I certainly am not created to be a follower, but to be an encourager and a guide to awaken others. I am willing to step outside of the box and dare to be different. This gives me the ability to imagine impossibilities as possibilities.

I thought, “Well, didn’t people think that Benjamin Franklin was living a fantasy while he worked relentlessly to invent electricity? Didn’t naysayers and doubters say the Wright Brothers were living a fantasy when they believed they could fly? How many people thought Amelia Earhart was living a fantasy believing she would be the first women to fly around the world? Who thought Rosa Parks was crazy to fantasize that blacks would ride the bus in dignity? How many people doubted the daring individuals who fantasized they would fly a man to the moon?”

Soon, as my mind wandered off from one person’s limiting perception to numerous others who had a fantasy that came true, I became more confident that my expectancies were founded in some way. I found a fresh inner strength growing within my spirit, encouraging me to hold fast to my fantasies, regardless of what others think.

In truth, our country was founded on fantasy. Of course, for dreams to become reality, this requires a plan, a commitment and a focused effort to achieve what we really want, with a yearning that burns deep within the soul.

We are the authors of our own best-selling book, or the architects of our own misfortune. And for me to do anything I want is to live a life by my design, not someone else’s system. I want to make each moment a journey, an opportunity to discover those things that take my breath away and nurture a life I’ll never forget, and never regret. I want to manifest what my heart desires and soul requires, so I can be my best self daily — happy, healthy and successful in my own right, living in the most profound reality I can create.

Ultimately, I want to live out of the abundance I have, however trivial I may at times think it is, while on my way to so much more.


  1. You might not take action. You might lose interest in things quickly. You might be lazy. You might be one of those people who says you’re willing to do what we say, but when you’re shown what needs to be done, you simply don’t do it or do something completely different.


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