Perfect Love


If I could do anything, I would see as God sees, and love as God loves. Just saying this out loud, and writing it on this page, I feel the longing for such an openness and loving connection welling up within my breast.

But what preposterous thoughts! How could I even begin to recognize what God sees and how God loves? An ocean in a teaspoon? Such presumptuousness! Disregard hope for that freedom, that peace, that joy.

God says: “Beloved, I am with you and within you. Your thoughts are My thoughts. Your loves are My loves.”

“Thank you,” I say. “But how can I see what You see, when I’m locked into this small mind and body?”

“What I see, you also shall see. What I love, you also shall love. We are not so different as you might suppose. Consider even now, through your own eyes, you can see the ripples of love emanating from the smile of an infant, from the movements of a chipmunk, from the majesty of a mountain, the tranquility of a calm lake, the energy of a thunderstorm, and the colors of a sunset.”

“And that which I fear and hate,” I ask, “how do You see them?”

“I see them as that which brings you to a new stage of perfection. I see them as that which energizes you to live, love, take action and thrive. I see them as what you came to physical life for. To live in unending love and joy, you would have stayed with Me in the spirit world.”

I reply, “And my pain? My illnesses? My lethargy, physical and emotional? What of them?”

“I see them as your friends, who slow you down, who allow you to let go of your ambition, your need to control, your illusion of total independence — friends who encourage you to find Me in your own depth.”

“Then,” I ask, “how do I move from perceiving as You do, to loving as You do?”

“To see and to love are not so different as you might suppose either. It follows as the day follows the night. You come into the light, and awaken to the joy of a new day. As you see only friends surrounding you, your feelings and interactions flow.”

“And my internal rebellion, my wounds that, stimulated, move me to anger, impatience, and irritation, depression and sadness, jealousy, unworthiness and despair, what of them?”

“I see you in the perfection of this moment, a child in a swirling flow, learning to swim upstream, uncertain of your strength and capability, subject to feeling lost and overwhelmed. As you look upon your own children striving so, do you not love them the more? So look upon yourself with the same eyes.”

“But that opposition!” I say. “At work, the boss demands and the co-workers obstruct. At home, the spouse denigrates, and the kids rebel. And for myself, sometimes I just lash out, and sometimes just don’t want to go on. It’s too much.”

“Come to Me. Come to Me in nature, the frozen white of the lake, the crisp air, the fresh spring flowers and new grass, the soft breeze of a summer evening, the smell of the fallen leaves on a path. Come to Me. Rejoice in a comfortable bed and a dark, sleeping peace. Find nourishing food for your body, brand new thoughts for your mind, and shared intimacy for your soul. Move smoothly and quickly till your heart pumps, create new ideas by questioning the old, and allow the range of your feelings to stretch till you nearly burst.

“I am there, moving within you and around you. Come to Me in the welling of your own soul within you. In the quiet I am there, as you relax and let go. Look for Me in that peace. Ask for Me. Ask again. Find Me in subtle feelings, and I shall become explicit. Find Me where you dare not to look, and I shall become your everyday friend. Find Me in points of light, and I shall become to you a sun. Then shall you clearly shine perfect love upon all that you see.”

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Jerry Buchmeier
Jerome Buchmeier, Ph.D., is a psychotherapist/hypnotherapist practicing in Plymouth. He and his wife Carol host group meditations on Sunday mornings at their home. Call 763.546.4133 if you are interested.


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