The Trouble With Evolving

The trouble with evolving
Is that it changes everything.
Each step into freedom tugs at
A masterpiece I built for safety —
Those pet defenses I never leave home without
Lest I feel naked.

Walls quiver and shake
Too confined, too cramped, too stuffy
Is the space that was once my refuge
Threatening to leave me homeless.

In the void beside the sea of the unknown
I hear a calling to step in and take the ride.
Okay, I say, but I’ll wait here on shore
‘Til the boat comes by.
There is no boat, the Voice replies.
Your vessel is made on the journey.

Back in the silence at the threshold
I cast my gaze upon the waters.
Must I go alone? Where are my people?
I feel abandoned on the darkest night.

Through the tiniest glimmer of light, shadows appear
Of soul mates I met in my dreams
Waves of love are coming to greet me
And that changes everything.


  1. Lovely poem. And you certainly are not alone in taking the journey into the unknown. Love indeed makes all the difference. Especially self love.

  2. Wonderful expression; I was really there as I read it; Would love to hear more.



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