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Michelle Glaser and Snow Angel

Michelle: I first met Snow Angel (Sarah to me and her friends and family) in 2008 and first learned of the chakra mirror math at the Forgiveness Festival she held that April at Lake Harriet Spiritual Community (LHSC).

Snow Angel: Yes, that night we learned that we share a love of Michael Jackson and moonwalking, so we often break into “Man in the Mirror.” Michelle actually can moonwalk!

Michelle: At that time, I knew that I wanted to do something with my classical piano training but wasn’t sure what. My wife, Rowan, encouraged me to compose original music, and my first album, … And the Piano Fell in Love, was born in January 2009.

Snow Angel: I went to the live performance of the album at LHSC that same month and it was fantastic. While Michelle played the song “Daybreak,” it felt as though waves of light and sound were washing over me, like an auric shower of cleansing, healing light — and sound. I realized she was a conduit for divine love expressed as sound waves and that her music could open the heart chakra.

Michelle: I went on to record three more albums, Between Time and Dance, Trance & Romance in 2010, and Co-creating with the Divine: Piano Improvisations in 2011. Both tracks on that last album were recorded in one take as I co-created with the Universe for twelve minutes, letting the divine come through my heart and into my hands.

Snow Angel: On three separate occasions, I have experienced Michelle’s music open my heart to a greater degree, and I often find myself returning to her music for inspiration while writing. I had long imagined this collaboration of heart-opening music and heart-opening guided visualizations, but it wasn’t until January 2012 that I reached out to Michelle.

Michelle: Sarah had sent me a copy of her new book after it came out last fall. After the New Year, I sent her a CD with two previously unreleased tracks, and next thing you know, we were meeting at the Tea Garden. I love how comfortable and easy it is to talk to her; she lights up a room with her energy and bright smile. Her Forgiveness Method really resonates with me, as well as her teachings and attitude about life, angels and God. When she told me her idea about our collaborating together, I knew this was a perfect fit.

Snow Angel: One of the many great things about working with Michelle is that she is very organized. I am more of an into-the-wind kind of person. Michelle has taught me that simply typing up a play-by-play sequence for our events is clarifying and beneficial, not only to her so we are on the same page when it comes to the vision for the night, but it helps me, too.

Michelle: And I love how Sarah is so focused. Another advantage for me is that she is an excellent public speaker. When you take her eloquent style and mix it with my ability to be a conduit for healing music, the possibilities are endless.

Snow Angel and Michelle: We spent many hours co-creating this album with Joy and Love and we invite you to listen to each meditation and allow the healing sounds of divine love fill any auric wounds from your past, open your heart, and inspire your next collaboration!

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Michelle Glaser is a keyboardist, recording artist and composer who has appeared as the musical guest on KARE 11′s "Showcase Minnesota," has contributed to The Edge magazine and her music has been played on local radio station KFAI (90.3 FM). Michelle's gift is writing music straight from her soul. For her, it's easier to speak through her songs, rather than speak with words that have already been said before. For more information, visit   Snow Angel is a writer and teacher of forgiveness who lives in St. Paul. Her first novel, Earth Angel, was released in October 2006, and her forgiveness handbook, Forgiving with the Angels, which includes the seven step Forgiveness Method, was available in 2007. Her third work, Chakra Mirror Math, was published September 2011. She is currently at work on her second novel. For more information, visit


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