In Memorium: Thomas Morton

Thomas Morton

Thomas Morton, one of the founders of Light Speed Learning who taught in the areas of accelerated learning, manifesting, quantum physics, sacred geometry and the application of universal law for the past 30 years, died Friday, March 2, in his home in Buffalo, MN, of cancer. He is survived by his wife, Jayne, and step-daughter Ashlyn.

He was a graduate of Central High School, Kalamazoo, MI, and graduate of Kalamazoo Valley Community College, where he studied jazz percussion.

Thomas Morton was a much-loved and respected member of the holistic community in the Twin Cities…and beyond. He was owner of Light Speed Learning, taught Accelerated Learning Techniques, distributed Roxtract Living Water products, and was a proponent of Hemi-Sync (Hemispheric Synchronization) techniques through the Monroe Institute.

Through Light Speed Learning, Thomas taught people to dramatically increase their ability to process information. Light Speed Learning is a right brain learning process that teaches how to comprehend, assimilate and retain information at a minimum of 20,000 words per minute.

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  1. I’m sorry to hear Thomas is no longer on this earth. I travelled to Peru with the ARE, and Thomas and Jerry along with Willaru and sweet Maria were are guides. The most beautiful trip I ever took. Loved him terribly. Everybody did. He was getting married after the trip. Compelled to google him after all this time and this is what I found. You are a good one Thomas.

  2. Thomas was one of the 2 nicest people I have ever had the privelage of meeting on this earth plane.
    The other man was Gregory Hines, who I picked up in a limosine at his home in Venice Ca with his then fiance and also died of cancer. I met Thomas and Jayne at the Edge Whole Life Expo years ago in Mpls Mn. He was always cool and collective, never lost his cool over anything, what a chemistry balance within him that he road with in life. Attending his workshop in Brain hythenning, it worked and my tests were amazing. The roxtract, that i purchase for me, I could not consume from sideeffects and returned them, then upon ordering one for my father, he passed and I returned it too unused. I’ve been trying to get in touch with Jayne for 1.5 years now to pick up or have sent to me these 3 boxes of Roxtract and the water tubs please. Does anyone know how to contact her, both numbers are disconnected and letters are not replied too, nor emails. Jayne are you out there and can reply to me please for a resolution. I drove to Buffalo last summer and placed some flowers to Thomas, I could not make the funeral, I was in Kansas City with bald tires the time, sorry 650 miles on bald tires in not cool for 70 mph, but I did meditate and pray for his transition and royal kindness. As we became better aquanted, I also found out that Thomas was a quarter CHerrokee like me, no wonder he drummed so much in life. see you soon thomas I’m coming to ligth soon myself, so role a spliff for me when I get there. Love & Light Gregorio

  3. I was exposed to LSL a few years ago and I’ve remained intrigued over their program ever since. Recently I decided to look them up again & see how their program has evolved & maybe enroll in the program myself. I was taken aback to just learn Thomas had passed away 3 years ago from cancer. Very sad to hear that. Having said that, I can’t help but wonder out loud- given he & his wife’s ability to access deep alpha/theta states & tap into universal knowledge, why didn’t they use their abilities to either rain down healing energies on Thomas and/or access healing knowledge that could have healed him from cancer? It’s hard for me to speculate he made a conscious choice to ‘check out’ & leave his wife & daughter behind.


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