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An Edge Interview on an advanced form of Energy Healing

Heidi Gilman & Dr. Thomas Miller

Heidi Gilman suffered from auto-immune issues since the age of 12. It began with a sledding accident in which she injured her neck, back and jaw. Within weeks, arthritis quickly spread down her spine and to her joints. She developed psoriasis and Raynaud’s disease. By the time she turned 33, she developed digestive and respiratory system failures, migraines, body and organ pain, heart pain, an irregular heart beat and weight loss. She developed a severe reaction to her environment. She began reacting to medications, food, air and clothing.

“My body started to smell like it was rotting,” she says. “I had three children and got to a point where I was unable to care for them, I was 93 pounds and knew I was dying.”

Dr. Thomas Miller, a chiropractor in private practice in Coon Rapids since 1981, realized after the fact that he was bitten by a very small tick in 1990, resulting in Lyme Disease. He began experiencing symptoms — headaches, profound fatigue, memory loss, changes in vision, ringing in the ears, heart palpitations, pain — three years later and it took months of trips to doctors and thousands of dollars in tests to receive a diagnosis, and a year of antibiotic therapy to put the disease into remission.

“The incredible frustration I experienced initially in dealing with the medical system (see a specialist, wait to have a test, wait to get a result, see another specialist, etc.) and the feeling of helplessness at not being in charge of my own health motivated me to search for answers,” he says. “Over the ensuing years, I have spent hundreds of hours in seminars on nutrition, acupuncture, diagnosis, lifestyle and diet modification, herbal therapies, internal disorders and visceral and cranial manipulation. I even bought a coil machine, an instrument that produces an electromagnetic impulse that vibrates the bacteria to death. All of these things helped to some degree, but I never really felt well.”

Both Heidi and Dr. Tom are now well, and both cite a new form of energy medicine called Quantum Techniques as the reason their bodies are now back in balance.

“Our intention and goal here,” says Quantum Techniques co-founder Stephen Daniel, “is to teach people how to heal themselves and others by revealing to the body information that the healing intelligence has lost track of. We believe that what the body’s healing intelligence can see, it can heal.”

Relatively new, Quantum Techniques was created only a dozen years ago, and major improvements have come within the past two years. Described as a cousin of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), even “EFT on steroids,” Quantum Techniques begins with one important assumption — that the body is a self-healing organism — and its focus is on why the body is not healing itself. Practitioners use applied kinesiology (muscle testing) to scan a multitude of frequencies to improve the flow of energy throughout the body.

Heidi, now certified in Shiatsu Oriental Bodywork Therapy and Hypnotherapy, and a practitioner of Reiki and Qigong, assists Dr. Tom at the Total Health and Healing Clinic in Coon Rapids in offering Quantum Techniques to clients — and their animals. Heidi and Dr. Tom recently spoke with The Edge about this new form of energy healing.

What is Quantum Techniques?
Heidi Gilman: Quantum Techniques is a form of energy healing that works with the body’s energy field. It actually opens blockages in the body to restore its own natural healing state. We use the radiances from the chakra system and other energetic systems, which we call brain engines and informational pathways, to conduct a question-and-answer with the body.

The client presents with issues they have going on, what they want to work on, and then when they do that we make a connection with them energetically.
Dr. Thomas Miller: The idea behind Quantum Techniques is if the body can see a problem, it can heal it — and the power that made us is the power that heals us. Essentially with Quantum Techniques, we are looking for energy obstructions, blockages, restrictions and constrictions that are resulting in issues developing within the body.

In a general sense, what causes these blockages?
Dr. Tom: That’s a good question. A major factor in blockages is trauma — physical trauma or emotional trauma — and another is toxins. We live in a toxic environment, so we find toxins that people are in contact with or ingesting or inhaling or that have been injected into their bodies. We look at foods that are toxins. That’s a really common thing.
Heidi: People may think they are eating very healthy, but they could still be eating one particular food, even if it’s a healthy organic food, that to their body is toxic for some reason. We need to find that out.

Otherwise, that will keep reversing anything that they do to try to heal themselves.
Dr. Tom: When we talk about reversing in Quantum Techniques, what we’re saying is that the energy goes backwards. I like to think of it more as a blockage or restrictions, constrictions. Whatever happened, the energy in the body is just not coherent. We’re looking to bring coherence to the body’s energy field. And so anything that causes a reversal in energy prevents healing. So, if I’m eating a food every day or I’m breathing a chemical every day that is causing my energy to be reversed, my body can never heal.
Heidi: Another thing that is very common is the body’s fight-or-flight response that can be enacted from a present emotion or trauma or a past emotion or trauma. We even work with generational emotions or traumas that your body holds energetically.
Dr. Tom: Yes, and then we test for pathogens — bacteria, fungus, yeast, mold, parasites, protozoa and microplasma. Those things may or may not currently be in the body. Often what will happen is that the body will eradicate a pathogen, but the energy or frequency of that pathogen is stuck in the energy field in the body. If we can clear that out, then the energy can flow freely and the person can heal.
Heidi: Some people have chronic symptoms due to a virus or bacteria that their body has been carrying for years sometimes.
Dr. Tom: One of the coolest things is that when we do Quantum Techniques, we are not treating someone. We are talking about allowing the body to heal. We are really not doing much, other than some reconnection work in the body. Primarily what we’re doing is enabling the body to heal itself.

So you’re finding ways to make sure that the energy flows everywhere throughout the body, smoothly.
Heidi: A person may have particular symptoms that they want to work on, but we look at the whole energy field of the body. A person may not have a given symptom yet because it hasn’t come forward to their conscious mind yet. There are many different fields of energy within the body, and when we do a session we always ask at the end if we have 100 percent of the information necessary for the body to heal from a particular field that we’re working on.
Dr. Tom: With regard to chronic illness, the interesting thing is that symptoms are the body’s refusal to live with a lie. If there’s something wrong, we will have symptoms. Heidi and I got into Quantum Techniques because both of us had a lot of symptoms for a long time. I had Lyme disease for 20 years, and I did everything known to man except contract malaria. I did antibiotics for years and years and years and years and sort of kept it under control, but it was the Quantum Techniques that really helped me to heal from that — and a lot of it had to do with resolving some emotional things that were kind of stuck in my energy field and then clearing out a whole mess of pathogens that I had, viruses and parasites.
Heidi: The key is re-establishing the internal communication that allows the body to identify problems and heal them.
Dr. Tom: Clearing the acupuncture meridians re-establishes internal communication, and then the chakras and the brain engines create a reconnection to the Universe.
Heidi: And we also try to help people to find the connection with the soul’s energy and see it for themselves and learn to make that connection.
Dr. Tom: There’s the body, mind and Spirit, and so there’s the subconscious, conscious and superconscious mind. Traumatic things get stored away in the subconscious or in the body, and so what we try and do is open up the door to shine some light into the subconscious area to help those things resolve.
Heidi: Sometimes they’re just misperceptions, too.
Dr. Tom: Oh, sure. Some things seem like a mountain to us, but when you finally open the cellar door and shine some light down there, they’re sometimes pretty small things. The cool thing about the Quantum Techniques is that we don’t need to go down in the cellar and wrestle with the monsters. We just shine some light on it and the body heals it.
Heidi: We bring it into the awareness of the body, because the body has lost its awareness.

Do you focus on symptoms that are of most concern to the client, or can you with a broader swath take care of a number of things for them that they aren’t aware of yet?
Dr. Tom: We do it both ways, actually. The first visit we try and take a broad sweep so that we find all the things that are toxins that may or may not be reversing the body’s energy. Then, once we get all the toxins cleared out so the body’s energy does not reverse, we can really go in and find some of the deeper issues.

Essentially with Quantum Techniques, we’re looking for the energy pattern that is in some ways disrupting in an individual — and we don’t even necessarily have to name it as an emotional thing. We just have to feel it and find it. Then what we do is build an acupuncture and chakra code that helps to clear or neutralize or normalize that energy field. We give the client a code that they read, or they tap, that continues the healing process. Each time they do that, they give themselves a treatment. It’s something they do on their own to keep their energy moving.
Heidi: Keep the healing process going.

When you give somebody a code, what does it look like and how do they use it?
Heidi: It’s just a series of acupuncture and chakra points. What I tell people is to just bring to their conscious mind the issue that we were talking about working on, and then read through the code two or three times a day.

When someone comes in or if you do it over the phone, how does a typical session begin?
Heidi: The first thing we do is find out what they would like to work on, and then we have to go through some techniques to make sure that their body is online and that their energy is not reversed, that their brain engines and informational pathways are open, their meridians are open, chakras are open, everything is open, and they’re balanced energetically.
Dr. Tom: We look at the symptoms and identify what the client consciously feels is most important to work on, and then we set our intent that that’s the condition we want healed. And we ask the client if they’re 100 percent on board in healing that. It’s not surprising to find that on some level, people are not. Then what we have to do is get them into balance and find whatever is blocking their intent to be well.

They have to be 100 percent on board or otherwise it’s a waste of time. Sometimes right from the start we’re dealing with a deep, emotional trauma or situation that needs to be healed before we can proceed and do the rest of the work.

How long does a typical session last?
Dr. Tom: It’s hard to get the first session done in less than one hour. It takes time to try and identify all the toxins, all the pathogens, and if there is some kind of traumatic emotional thing, we want to get after that, too. The follow-up sessions generally are quite a bit shorter, 20 minutes or so.
Heidi: It really varies between individuals. Some people want to check out this or that little issue, and then there are a few people with really chronic illness who really want to do some deep work.
Dr. Tom: And Heidi and I still do a session every month with Stephen and Beth Daniels, the founders of Quantum Technique, just because it helps us to stay open and clear.
Heidi: And we work on each other also.
Dr. Tom: Now if we have a day where we don’t feel real good, it’s not the end of the world because we can test each other and we can find a code to put everything back online again to get the energy moving.

How quickly does it take the body to respond to the healing code?
Dr. Tom: Sometimes within minutes, sometimes hours.
Heidi: Some people will feel a shift right away, but as the days or weeks go by, they will start to feel more shifts in their energy. Your body keeps healing.

How effective is Quantum Techniques for more chronic illnesses like cancer and serious heart disease?
Dr. Tom: It depends on the person and on how advanced the disease is, but Quantum Techniques is energy work and helps the entire body. No matter what the situation, helping the energy to flow will help, no matter what the situation.
Heidi: Even if people are working with a medical doctor and they’re on medication, Quantum Techniques can still help them. Perhaps they’re having a block in which a particular medication is not working. We can clear such blocks and it might help the body receive that medication and help it to work better.
Dr. Tom: Some of the scans are targeted towards finding reasons that the body can’t sedate itself, for people who can’t sleep. People with a lot of pain and inflammation are not able to sedate themselves, so we find all of the functional factors that are preventing the body from sedating itself.

How new is Quantum Techniques overall, as a modality?
Dr. Tom: I think it’s been around about 12 years, 10 years?
Heidi: Dr. Daniels put it together about 12 years ago, but has made dramatic changes in the consciousness work in the last couple of years.

It’s important to emphasize that this isn’t just for people with chronic illness. This is a wonderful modality to help people just feel better, be more productive, be more energetic, be healthier.

Why are you passionate about providing Quantum Techniques to yourself and others?
Dr. Tom: That’s an easy one, because it’s what helped me dramatically — and I’m a pretty hard-core science guy, so it was hard for me to accept that Quantum Techniques was a real modality.

The first time I did it, I talked to this guy over the phone. First of all, I didn’t believe that you could do anything over the phone. Second of all, the guy lived in Hawaii. And then he was going to give me some code that I was going to read and it was going to help me. I didn’t believe it for a second.

But after a few days I started feeling better. I think it’s because he cleared out all those pathogens out of my head so there was less of a load on my immune system. And so I just kept going back. Every couple of months I would call him up and we’d do a code and I would feel better. Then Heidi and I bought the materials and started training ourselves and working together.

Here’s the deal: I think no matter what field of health care you’re in, you have the people you just can’t help. You just can’t get them well no matter what you do. To me, that is tremendously frustrating. And, I was one of those people.

So now that I know what the missing link is, I just want to talk to people about it because there is no need to suffer.
Heidi: What was so frustrating in having a chronic illness was that you feel like you do not have control of your body. You never know how it’s going to react. I had environmental illness extremely bad, along with auto-immune illness and arthritis, and it felt like I was always fighting my body. I always had a fear of how bad it was going to get and what would happen next.

With Quantum Techniques, I don’t have that fear anymore. I like to be able to help people help themselves. When we are giving people techniques they can do between their sessions that help them help themselves, and when people start discovering things about themselves that they had no idea about beforehand, that’s pretty awesome, the idea that people can get better.

How do people respond to the idea of Quantum Techniques?
Dr. Tom: I think really the only reason that people have resistance to Quantum Techniques is because they are like I was. At first, it didn’t really make sense to me. But, now that I’ve done it for a couple of years and I’ve learned more about energy and quantum physics, it’s starting to make sense to me.
Heidi: One of the biggest comments I get right away is that this stuff is voodoo. What I say is this: If you really think about, what is more miraculous than creation, the miracle of a body growing within another body, being nurtured within that body, and then giving birth to that body and that this new body somehow knows how to work?
Dr. Tom: You know, it’s just what people are used to. People are not used to energy medicine. That’s changing. There’s definitely a shift that’s happening.

After I got Lyme disease, I realized that medicine was not going to fix me, and then after a while I realized that nutrition wasn’t going to fix me. Energy is what fixed me. There are people out there who are open-minded. And then there are people like me who are kind of closed-minded that get their mind pried open because somehow it works.
Heidi: It’s just a different way of thinking. When I was really sick and I had been through all these tests and procedures and medications, at the last point where nobody knew what to do, a doctor just said to me, “Sometimes things just go wrong in your body.” That just didn’t make sense to me. Obviously something went wrong, but why aren’t there answers? With Quantum Techniques, there is an answer to help put your body into a better healing space.

Heidi Gilman and Dr. Thomas Miller present information on Quantum Techniques twice a month — at 2 p.m. Central on the first and third Friday of each month — on Edge Talk Radio. Listen to the one-hour programs by calling 714.364.4750 or go to BlogTalkRadio.com/edgemagazine. Listen to all archives at Edgemagazine.net/edge-talk-radio.

For more information, contact Heidi Gilman and Dr. Thomas Miller at 763.208.6106 or 763.208.6203, email [email protected] or [email protected], or visit www.totalhealthandhealing.com and www.quantumtechniques.com

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  1. What I love most about integrative healing practices like yours is that they aim to restore wholeness rather than “battle” a disease. They certainly address the physical manifestation of the illness or injury but also seek to find what that condition may reveal to us in order to heal. So we can feel empowered rather than victimized. And we heal not only the body, but also any underlying wounded emotions and beliefs that may be impairing our greater wholeness and fulfillment. I’m not one to believe that we can eliminate a chronic illness just by thinking “positive” thoughts, but there’s certainly a connection. And it’s probably not a coincidence that in a culture where we have a crisis in self-esteem and self-worth we also have so many diseases where the body is literally attacking itself.


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