The Fine Art of False Identity


What have you been saying to the world around you when you are asked “How old are you?” Did you give a comatose reply? Or do you rephrase the question to, “You ask how young I am?” instead of the knee-jerk response: “I am __ years old.” Our “I Am” statements are powerful self-fulfilling prophesies. Our chosen words become the sculpting tools that shape our future.

Write your own screenplay, commonly called “This is Your Life.” Become a conscious author. Next time you’re asked “How old are you?” be insanely honest and reply: “I’m ageless” or “I am 78 years young” or “My father says I must have been born yesterday! So, I guess I’m a few hours old” or “I am a year younger than I was this time last year” or simply sing “Youngerrr thaaann springtime ammm I.”

You don’t have to become a philosopher. Just become a prophet. Words are living things. The are constantly organizing the ethers that march before us with embossed thought-prints of our imagination. Your daydreams take shape when imbued with desire, and they run in front of the camera of your mind with fierce repetition. These frequent images will actualize into hard copy, i.e. your physical reality. It’s a Law of Life as predictable as gravity.

The truth is that Walt Disney, the great animation legend of Hollywood, surrounded himself with “Imagineers.” Do you identify yourself as “a senior” because you can cash in on Golden Years special discounts? Do you readily scramble for your AARP card and say the all-powerful statement “I am” followed by “over 62” at every movie ticket box. Multiply this decree you speak about yourself publicly times the movies you go to annually and pat yourself on the back for your self-success in making yourself who you are today.

My skin mentor and good friend Anya Westmoreland was voted one of five “Ageless Women” from a national search on the “Oprah Winfrey Show.” She has five ageless daughters, and when she stands with them you’d think these gorgeous women were all posing for their high school class graduation photo. Anya owns a real true Beverly Hills beauty clinic where she teaches self-responsibility for beauty. As a life-long skin researcher and clinician, she has studied what causes the body to look ancient, become saggy, faded and unattractive. Most exciting of all, Anya has proven, as she suspected, that an aged appearance is not inevitable!

You can change your future.

Create a new you by imagineering your atomic structure as you would want it, cell by cell, organ by organ. Run the perfect “you” through some daily activities and be flamboyant. Add some Olympic flourishes to your colored canvas. Feel delicious. Enjoy the lines of your body, the renewed thickness to your skin, the muscle and tone, your sparkling eyes and the full sun of sharp memory. Who needs collagen and botox when you really cut loose with the feeling of the wish fulfilled. Live it outrageously in the present moment as though it was complete and perfect. Why, it just may puddle you up, for “when we wish upon a star” we engage the emotions, we live within the scene as the hero/heroine and get lost in the moment. That is the recipe for manifestation!

Be careful what you wish for. Become conscious of your extraordinary talent for co-creation.

Celine Dion used to tell her mother when she was 12 years old: “I will be the best singer in the world someday.”

What a grand plan that we, as awakening co-creators, can become responsible for our character and appearance as we live life. Science is just now telling us we can change our DNA, the diagrams of our body, and I personally have begun to turn my eyes from brown to blue and my hair color from brown to auburn. The body wants to upgrade and become younger!

All of life is raising in vibrational frequency. When this happens, that friction turns the ice cube to water and, if persisted, to steam. So the rising Schumann Resonance (the frequency of the planet) will cause living forms to raise to a higher form, become less dense and use the crystalline system more than the carbon one of our ancestors.

Yes, this will change our character, our appearance and enable us to do what has not been possible before in past generations in one lifetime. We can become younger measurably.

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  1. Thanks for this article! I enjoyed reading it and I do agree though haven’t been actively practicing this as much as I could of late. I am reinspired to. I have reinvented myself many times in life and career.. not going to detail all that but wrt changing physical attributes I always wanted curly hair and had mostly straight, mildly wavy hair that is now curly! I know it was my will or desire that caused it to be so and it’s been that way for years. So yes, I do agree. Blessings.


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