The Joy of Collaboration

Working with others can be a challenge, as well as rewarding. Working and owning a company with three women can be even more challenging and rewarding.

Having worked together for more than four years, Psychics in the Cities does just that. Challenges are being able to lead three separate lives, as well as finding time for meetings, events, classes and appearances. Agreeing on wording, color schemes, prices and what color of lipstick to wear are never ending.

You start out from scratch.

We were given a vision of who we were to be. The Universe guided our thoughts to the dream — our business. Coming up with a name. Putting together funds. Endless gatherings at coffee houses and restaurants. Business cards and logo needing to be created. Our first gig at a Psychic Fair at Lake Harriet Spiritual Community. Getting to know each other, forgiving shortcomings, understanding our individual strengths and weaknesses as we flew forward into the business world. Falling in love with who we are and what we do.

As in all things in life, we experience changes, shifts. We were not immune to this. As time went on, we dropped petals in what we thought was a perfect flower. We started out with five lovely ladies, dropping down to four and then to three. What was the universe telling us? We could move on as The Power of Three. We could still exist and still have what we started out with. Sadness in losing a part of us is real, but we continued and remained strong.

We have found when we work together as The Power of Three that we bring more compelling and exciting messages from Divine to enlighten the journey of those who seek us. Such are the rewards of being a collaboration of three.

When we bring our unique selves together, we create an amazing energy. A spirit-guided psychic-medium, a gifted Shaman, an Angel messenger — a tripod with three legs of support, bringing up an energy exponentially more powerful as it becomes a bright, exorbitant light into the spirit world, much like that of a camera, pulling into focus all that is around.

We bring this together to give others an insight into their life’s purpose. Well-rounded guidance given by Spirit to share with the world.

Working as a collaboration of three is an honor and a joy.



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