A Moment with an Intuitive Chiropractor


Dr. Steven Hiebert
Massage therapy and personal training students at Saint Paul College are captivated as Dr. Steve Hiebert demonstrates muscle strength testing on a fellow student. The student has told him that she has a problem with her knee. He listens intently and proceeds to test the strength of her core. She said this was strong but he demonstrates it is actually weak. After some adjusting, he tests her core again by having her resist a strong, steady push, which she can now do. We are all amazed. Someone whispers, “He’s an intuitive.”

Later, I asked Dr. Hiebert what it means to be an intuitive chiropractor.

“New patients usually come to me because something hurts,” he begins. “But the healing always starts with a long, comprehensive interview. If I have the patience to listen and wait, I find that the client will tell me what is wrong. This leads me to ask questions, which on the surface may not seem to make sense. Yet, asking the right questions is very important.”

Dr. Hiebert describes his intuitive process as an inner seeing or sensation that may direct him to a particular area of a client’s body. This energy is often expressed through him as movement. Sometimes the stimulus is so strong that he can barely keep still until he can actively begin the healing. Over time, his healing gifts have evolved from traditional chiropractic to such an active form that he is surprised when his clients tell him they felt so relaxed during a session they almost fell asleep.

His extensive background in alternative medicine enables Dr. Hiebert to address the specific needs of each individual client. So, while a group of people may have the same symptom, each individual may require a different approach. For one, a simple physical adjustment may be all that is needed. For another, the same symptom may be corrected through nutrition. Someone else may need work on an emotional level and yet another may require energy work of a spiritual nature. In all cases, relationship is pivotal. Who the patient is determines what he can do for them.

“What I do” he says, “is to span a space for them, which allows them to discharge or regain, restore balance or whatever needs to happen deep down on this level of spirit and facilitate the same sort of process.” For example, a client who has a history of being really nice, to the point of letting people walk all over her, manifests debilitating low back pain. Adjusting her and working on the level of spirit and energy, Dr. Hiebert helps her to discharge that energetic distortion that has not really been her. If all I did was to adjust her back, I probably would not be able to help her that much…that exists, but it goes with this other set of patterns.”

These patterns infiltrate the emotions and manifest as symptoms. The things that affect us the most are the things that we are least consciously aware of, Dr. Hiebert says. We are only conscious of about 3 percent of the beliefs that influence us. The remaining unconscious beliefs tell us what we are and are not and what we can be or cannot be. They are almost always interwoven with emotional lack of expression.

“My work,” Dr. Hiebert says, “is to help people go back and find those beliefs, the emotions that are woven with them, so that they can begin to express that and discover the places inside them where those unconscious beliefs that hold them back and hurt them physically come forward and express. Then we can change it and we can be who we want to be — and not just 3 percent of our conscious awareness. When we can be ourselves, in harmony as much as possible, then we can be happy and our body can be happy. We can feel unencumbered and we can do what we want.”

As I listened to Dr. Hiebert, these words from the I Ching came to me: At times, one has to deal with hidden enemies, intangible influences that slink into dark corners and…affect people by suggestion…. It is necessary to trace these things back to the most secret recesses to determine the nature of the influences to be dealt with. This is the task of the priests; removing them is the task of the magicians…. When such elusive influences are brought into the light, they lose their power over people.

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Catherine Ayano Nixon
Catherine Ayano Nixon is a National Academy of Sports Medicine certified personal trainer, Yang style lineage Tai Chi teacher and writer. You may contact her at 651.357.3198 or [email protected].


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