A Mother’s Wedding Gift from Heaven


That now familiar feeling I had come to know as my mother was poking at me again. Strong enough this time to wake me from my night’s dream. My heart felt so full as her gentle warmth curled up around me, peace radiating in such a way that it became my very being. There was no doubt in my mind that the etheric hands of my mother were holding me in a hug as I felt the rays of her love soothe me like a baby being sung a lullaby.

It had been six months since I had gotten engaged, three years since my mother had died, and tomorrow was my wedding day.

We had planned on wedding at sunset. That had been an easy decision, branching back to the first days of engagement. My soon-to-be husband had very thoughtfully asked me to marry him while at the cemetery where my Mom had been laid to rest. I was ecstatic that he had popped the question and proud of the way he had done so, by bringing my Mom into the experience in such a way that I could not have done so for myself.

But I, too, was determined to make her a part of the wedding. For many nights leading up to this night, I had lain in bed, head on my pillow, eyes closed, trying desperately to connect with her. Through the reaches of my heart and the silence of my words, I would ask her, “Please Mom, be at my wedding and let me know you are there. Give me a sign like a beautiful sunset so that I will know it is you.” Again on this night I repeated my prayer, closed my eyes, and very comfortably drifted back off to sleep.

The next day passed quickly and as the sun began to set, our marriage was blessed to begin. In the ceremony we shared in a quiet moment of remembrance for my mother. Again I spoke silently to her hoping that my heart could reach the spaces of hers and she would hear my words, “Mom, I love you and I wish you were here.”

But that was just a brief moment and then time went on again.

The ceremony ended, we shared in a toast and proceeded with pictures. Each moment was full of celebration, even though there was no special sunset. I did not let this get me down; I only held on tighter to the moment I had shared with her the night before.

Then, with that thought released, a miracle occurred. We had all been facing the photographer and the sea, and as I looked out at the grayish, blue, almost dreary sky, I spoke to my mother once more.

This time I said, “OK, Mom, where’s your big thing?”

And in a flash, an answer whispered back, echoing through the shards of light that had charged up through the clouds to cast colors of pure love across the sky now ablaze. There was my sunset.

The response was immediate and the message clear, my Mom showing me, “I’m right here.”

The shades of orange, pink, and gold struck me with awe — the moment became too much for my heart to hold and I burst into tears. I cried as I told the others of the silent spoken connection and the long held prayer for this exact occurrence. And then I reveled in the undoubtable proof, taking in the sky as it exploded with my mother’s light and my mother’s love. The best wedding gift I could have ever received, love sent down from Heaven, directly from my Mom.

So you see: It really is true. Love does transcend all. This is especially true when we speak of the love a mother has for her child. This connection is truly unbreakable, a sacred bond that reaches far beyond physical boundaries, as it is rooted in the heaven from which we all have come, and through our mothers, who are our sacred companions for the span of our whole life.

So “Thank you Mom, and I Love You.”

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