Embrace Your Wise Friends


channeled from Mother Mary

Friends are people who you can trust and who trust you. We all have friends who have known and trusted us throughout our entire lives. And we have not seen them, but they have seen us, and have known us intimately from the moment that we are born.

Who could these people be?

We, who have watched you from the heavens through each moment, are the people who have loved you from before you were born. We are many friends, available to each of you. Some of us are angels; some are your relatives or ancestors. Some of us are wisdom figures that you know about, though you may not have realized that we are here for you. We will stand by you, guide you, and help you achieve your life’s purposes.

If you do not know already that we are available, how can you meet us and become friends?

This year is not like the years you have lived before. We are now here among you. Though you don’t see us yet, you can begin to hear us, and speak to us as friends. Simply begin, and we will help you. When more of you actually begin these friendships, many more will find it easy to do so, until the opening becomes an avalanche of grace. If you are uncomfortable doing so, find physical friends who will accompany you on this journey. Or find a person who is already doing so, and ask to work with them.

You could simply wait until others take the first steps and do so later when it seems easier and safer. However, your rewards will be greater if you make these friendships sooner.

What would be the benefit? It is so valuable to feel truly loved in your deepest self. This is available to you. It is also helpful for you to have a major spiritual source available to answer your spiritual questions. This also is available to you.

And how do you know this is possible? Try it. Listen. And try again. You’ll soon find out that it works, and that we are just as available as if we have cell phones and you have our phone numbers.

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