Every Teenager Should See This


Your social life is not as important as you think.
Popularity is an illusion that ends on graduation day.
It’s attachment you feel, not love.
Those who cultivate their talents at an early age usually do great things in life.
Don’t believe them. Your teenage years are not your best years.
Video games and TV are traps that millions have fallen into. Don’t become a zombie.
Most people follow the same old blueprint for life. Most people are also unhappy. What does this tell you?
Actors and rock stars are rarely good role models. Be careful who you look up to.
If you truly like yourself, others will, too.
A good reason to do well in school is to give yourself options later in life.
Never be afraid to ask for help.
Having tons of money, a nice house, and a fancy car does not mean you’ll be happy.
Seek happiness first.
The reason so many are unhappy is because they are asleep. Wake up to life and see what is already around you.
You don’t have it as bad as you may think. Right now there’s a kid wondering IF he’ll eat today.
You have to go to school, so you may as well learn all you can. Some people would give anything to get an education.
Seek activities that help you create and express yourself. Those who don’t eventually feel trapped.
Life owes you nothing. You have to make it happen.
Boredom is your mind pleading for you to be creative.
Going along with every new trend is a good example of not really knowing yourself.
Serving others and adding value to the world is the only way to true success.
It’s far better to have one or two great friends instead of many acquaintances.
Caring only what others think is a death sentence.
One mistake can change your whole life. Choose your actions wisely.
Don’t choose your future career on what makes the most money. Choose what brings you the most joy.
Your mind is a precious asset. Protect it, always.
Always tell the truth and you won’t have to keep track of all your lies.
Don’t hate mean people. They’re just ignorant and living in fear.
Insecurity brings out the ugliness in many people.
Friends will disappear from your life. Don’t rely on them for your happiness.
Get great at something you love to do and one day people will pay you for it.
Don’t ever lower your standards in order to fit in.
Life is happening now. Quit focusing so much on the past and future.
Stay active. Don’t grow stagnant. You’re too young to be running out of breath.
Don’t make your life one distraction after another. Take time to find yourself. Allow space to enter.
Bad things sometimes happen in order to teach you more about yourself.
Most of what you fear will never happen. Stop wasting your time and live!
You don’t have to seek revenge. Life will always balance the story.
The human ego is responsible for most of the world’s suffering. Study and learn to overcome it.
Competition brings out the best and worst in some people.
Make it your life’s goal to be one thing: true to yourself.

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Mike Geronsin
Mike Geronsin is the owner and head instructor at Pitch Fever Music Academy in Maple Grove, MN. He just finished writing his first book entitled, A Practice of Power, and he has already begun writing the next creation. His newest endeavor is becoming a Life Coach and he looks to bring peace into the world by being a living example for others. Visit www.mikegeronsin.com or email [email protected].


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