Signs of the Coming Transformation to Appear


For almost 40 years, artist, author, and lecturer Benjamin Creme has been preparing the way for the emergence of Maitreya, the World Teacher, and his group, the Masters of Wisdom. Since 1982, Share International magazine has published monthly articles from a Master of Wisdom in contact with Mr. Creme. His article from this past month follows:
The Coming Transformation 
From the depth of its present problems and sorrows, humanity will find hope. So much that is taking place is positive and auspicious for the race that (humankind) can be assured of an early lessening of their problems — not all at once, but gradually, little by little. Gradually, also, men will learn the true reasons for their present anguish. They will come to understand that humanity is One, integral and related by long association and common ancestry; related, too, by its common divinity.

No more need man fear and fight his neighbor, no longer need millions starve amidst plenty. Thus can be born a new time, a time when Justice and Sharing control the present chaos and irresponsibility, a time when men respect and care for one another, when the divinity of men becomes manifest and the secrets of life known. Sufficiency will replace abundance as the aim of sane men.

Thus will men come into right relationship with each other and with the Source of all. Under the inspiration and guidance of Maitreya and his group, men will blossom in their divinity and make that manifest in all they do. The abominations of war and terror will fast fade from their memory, and a vast creative burgeoning will take their place.
Men will renew and beautify their cities, making them worthy of the new time. These will be greater in number and smaller in size, linked by transport, fast and noiseless. People will educate their children in many different ways, each child linked to the educational system as determined by their rays. In time the interchange between the Masters and the race of men will grow in ever increasing closeness, and children will move happily and logically from stage to stage in growing awareness. In all these measures, in this transformation, each one will play his part.
Presently, there will appear a series of signs which will mystify those who experience them. No one will be able to explain this phenomenon but it will presage a change in the thinking and understanding of men. From that time onwards, a sense of expectancy will grip most nations, which will prepare men for the extraordinary events that are to come. As you know, not all men take seriously the new time which lies ahead for mankind. These happenings will prepare more for this revelation.

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