The Brighterlife Project: Intuitive Living for Beginners


Beaten, bloated, stupid and being taken advantage of, living a life of complete excess, I decided to change my life.

I began by viewing my lifestyle through the eyes of a stranger. Applying shamanism to my existence, I was able to shake my ego and spend time in reflection and meditation. I made the decision to replace all my bad habits with good, taking time to recognize personal failings and move on from them.

I’ve changed what I eat and how it is consumed. I found ways to develop my body, treating every situation as one where I would need to be at my peak performance. Instead of putting poison after poison into my body, I’ve replaced them with micro-nutrients. Instead of being lazy and restless, I exhaust myself with exercise. Instead of being angry, offended or self-righteous, I try to be patient and understanding, allowing situations to unfold naturally — watch and learn.

I went deep within. Conversing with my soul, watching the signs of life and paying attention to the opportunity for spiritual growth. I began trusting my intuition and following my heart.

Now I live by a series of guidelines I call the brighterlife. Here are some of them.

Brighterlife guidelines

  • Be Awesome/Do Awesome: At every opportunity do the best to serve those around you with the most positive attitude. If we think of this as a fun game or a way of burning calories, we become accustomed to doing better and better while making others’ lives easier.
  • Acting in the moment: Release all previous anxieties associated with a current situation and act according to whatever role you choose to create.
  • Unnecessary Worry: We have the insight to foresee the completion of a task, yet we spend hours in worry and doubt, knowing the outcome will most likely be successful. Releasing this unnecessary worry will allow us to focus on more creative maneuvers to accomplish the current task and make way for more practiced work in the future.
  • Recognize Vice: Vice is something that makes us who we are. It has been said that we carry vices from past lives, and must fully embrace or defeat the affliction in this lifetime so we can be rid of it in the next. Step outside of your lustful feelings toward vice and decide if it is good for your spiritual mental physical development. If not, recognize the vice, in search for the positive. If none can be found, leave it.
  • Meditate: Meditation is the key to thoughtfulness. Start out small; only meditate for 5 minutes. Think about a word you use often and its meaning to you. As your patience grows, take as long as you can to concentrate on a short interaction. Dissect the situation and explore every possible outcome. View reactions of those involved and discover what will benefit everyone involved. Meditation allows us to tap the subconscious, allowing us to find answers outside the laws of reality.

These are some of the basics to a brighter life, my brighter life. As I develop my intuition and spiritual existence I will provide you with my findings.

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