What is love?


What makes one person
  So much more
important than the rest
          Someone who
excites you
          Someone who
entices you
Someone who has all the qualities you’re looking for
   Or someone who
catches you totally off guard
something new to you
                      you never knew you wanted
                              and now you can’t live without
   two versions of one self
      easy –
or someone who challenges you
   brings you where you’ve
never been
 what makes a man a good friend
  and another a
passionate lover
the things you have in common
  or the mystery of
something else
the ways they give you what you want
  or the ways they
challenge your desires
the way they balance life out
  or the way they take
you higher
whole new world  outside of your own
                                  fascinating — yet far from home
                       being something you thought you couldn’t
                       enjoying things you thought you wouldn’t
 qualities that make you curious and compelled
    or keep you in your own little cell
the challenge of opposing sides
  or the same safe easy
the confrontation of something new
  or someone to agree
with you
seeing things the same
comfortable way
  or waking up in each
brand new day

 there are no answers to these questions, you know.  The scientist in me was striving to find a formula, or course, a recipe for my desire.  And now that love has finally appeared to me, I realized that love is all these things.  It’s not an either, but simultaneous. True love is a miracle, it is.  And worth waiting for.

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Tammy M. Lamm
Tammy M. Lamm, owner of ACES -- the Action, Confidence and Empowerment Specialists. ACES provides Whole Self, as well as Motivational Hypnotherapy, services to both professional and personal clients throughout the Midwest. Tammy has provided inspirational guidance and lifetime focus therapy to many thankful clients throughout her long history in service.


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