Dancing For Birthâ„¢ classes come to the Twin Cities


A moratorium has been declared on the forced back-lying position of birthing by Stephanie Larson, founder of Dancing For Birthâ„¢, whose vision is for women worldwide to have the enjoyment of dancing their babies into the world.

Larson says women can learn how to harness gravity and move their bodies during labor for more satisfying births.

St. Paul resident Brittany Kubricky, CD(DONA), LCCE, was in attendance at the recent Dancing For Birth â„¢ Instructor Training workshop offered in Eagan, where she learned how to Energize, Enlighten and Empower â„¢ women in the childbearing year. She is earning her Dancing For Birthâ„¢ Instructor Certification (DFB) and is forming classes for pregnant and postpartum women and their newborns here in the Twin Cities.

Kubricky, a certified doula and Lamaze childbirth educator and co-owner of BabyLove in Eagan, says Dancing For Birthâ„¢ classes will be an important addition to BabyLove’s offerings for pregnant and postpartum women.

Dancing For Birthâ„¢ prenatal/postpartum classes teach a “language of movement” specifically designed for pregnant women and postpartum women wearing their babies in soft slings or wraps. Though the movements are inspired by ancient dance forms (like Belly dance and African dance) the 90-minute weekly classes, which combine dance fitness with little-known childbirth preparation skills such as optimal fetal positioning, are the wave of the future of birth and resonate with women.

“Modern day women want to celebrate birth and be transformed by it!” Larson says. “They have innate wisdom of how to give birth with ease and nurture their children, and Dancing For Birthâ„¢ classes help awaken their abilities.”

Women often come to class simply for fun and fitness, and find that they gain more than they expected to. “This class was fun and informative. I love dancing and I was excited to learn how to incorporate it into this whole (pregnancy and birth) experience. I gained great moves to help me feel good, and birthing positions and knowledge of what I can do to help me through labor,” said Melanie Eng, pregnant with her first child.

“As an expecting mom, going through the Dancing For Birth â„¢ training and now preparing to teach the classes, I couldn’t be more excited to start offering this fun option to the moms in our community,” Kubricky says. “Dancing For Birth â„¢ classes are not only a new and exciting way to get in shape, but it’s also about connecting with other moms and learning to work with and respect your body.”

Kubricky will be offering Dancing For Birthâ„¢ classes at the BabyLove studio in Eagan. Regular classes will begin June 4. Dancing For Birthâ„¢ classes are currently offered on four continents and were originated in the U.S. by Larson, a dancer, certified birth doula, childbirth educator, perinatal fitness expert and mother of four.

For more information or for an interview please visit www.babylovemn.com, or call 651.200.3343.

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