The Unfolding Paradigm of Esogetic Medicine


Last of a two-part series

Peter Mandel coined the term Esogetics for his system of healing. Esogetics combines the esoteric wisdom of ancient Greek and Egyptian healing and the energetic practices of Chinese Medicine. A common principle in esoteric doctrines is that each individual has a unique path or potential to manifest in his lifetime. The challenge is how to access this inner knowing to realize our true path. One of the Esogetic principles is that illness or pain are signals that the person may have become distracted from their life’s path.

Since the 1980s, Mandel has continued to revise and expand his therapeutic system to find ways to heal illness and pain and to contact our personal information flow. Utilizing modern medical technology and his own findings from clinical experience, he has observed that over 90 percent of all physical complaints have a psychosomatic background.

As a result of these insights, he feels it’s more important to go to the cause of the disease and start the therapy there. “A difficult task,” Mandel says “because often the patient himself doesn’t have a way to access the depths of his subconscious to bring the cause of the disease to the surface and eliminate it.”

To this end, Mandel uses not only the Basic colors and the Soul Spirit colors, but in recent years he has created new systems using Grey rods, Infrared and Ultraviolet frequencies, Brainwave regulating equipment and Crystal therapies.

The different applications are used to open different levels of consciousness and unblock deep patterns of therapy resistance. No matter what the cause of a blockage might be, a “closed” pattern always results in a regulatory stagnation in the associated system. For example, stimulation of a Grey pattern on newly discovered reflex areas of the skin can activate the transfer of information to the sector of the body where the blockage is. For the client, this creates an opening of an emotional/physical “blind spot,” leading to a clearing of old emotional trauma and physical pain.

Informing the creation of Mandel’s new Infrared and Ultraviolet therapies is one of the most momentous discoveries of recent medical research, that the human being has a second brain located in the abdomen. This new area of Neuro-Gastroenterolgy validated for Mandel what had been empirically a fact for quite a while.

“The intestines are controlled by a second brain, which sends considerably more signals to the head than what it receives from there,” said Dr. Michael Gershon of the University of Columbia, NY. “This abdomen brain works completely autonomously.

“The abdomen brain is the guarantor for the survival of mind and spirit in this dimension. It is the source of psychoactive substances (serotonin/dopamine), which are connected to our feelings.”

The mystery of the information of life is inseparably connected with the abdomen. Our “gut feelings” happen prior to our “head feelings’ and inform us of our deepest instincts. Researchers place the formation of the abdomen brain during embryonic development. Nerve cells migrate to the stomach during the formation of the neural ear and the neural cell cord. The spinal chord and the Vagus nerve form a bridge between the two brains. As 70 percent of all immune active cells exist in the intestines it can now be better explained how feelings and the immune system are mutually dependent.

Mandel has created the Ultraviolet therapy to access the power of the abdominal brain. Based on its frequency at the edges of the visible spectrum, Ultraviolet light has a higher level of penetration into matter. He has developed a treatment called the “Information Barrier,” which uses Ultraviolet light to operate as a “door opener” for the head-gut link. This not only activates the flow of information in a person, but is also useful in gut ecology illnesses, such as Irritable bowel syndrome and Crohn’s disease.

At the opposite end of the spectrum in complementary polarity to the UV rays are the Infrared (IR) frequencies. Together with Professor Fritz-Albert Popp, Mandel has created a pain therapy that uses incoherent infrared light. In contrast to the bundled laser beam, it has a so-called range of diffusion. The IR light is calibrated at the border of visible and invisible light at exactly 950 nanometers. According to Professor Popp’s research, that is the exact frequency of the cell nucleus.

Using reflex areas, especially on the top of the skull, he affects not only pain but psychological irregularities, as well. The patients’ reactions during or shortly after the Infrared therapies give clues about the subconscious links between cause and pain.

The Crystal Therapies are the pinnacle of Mandel’s life work with light systems. Crystals have long been understood to carry specific information which they radiate and by which they interact with other living entities. In recent years, silica crystals have been imprinted with information which can be retrieved and used in a network. The nanotechnology revolution cannot be imagined without these crystal information carriers.

Several years ago, Mandel began to work with the idea of imprinting artificial crystals to work with sick people. The basic idea was to duplicate the architectural perfection of the natural crystal, but instead of the naturally grown shape and information, he wanted to manufacture custom-made crystals without information. The idea was to use specifically cut crystals that could be intentionally imbued with certain holographic patterns to stimulate self-healing powers through certain reflex areas of the body.

The Crystal therapies assist in the process of bringing conflicts to consciousness that are buried or denied. Thus, they are highly effective for working with the causal factors of disease and pain. For example, we may place a crystal on the forehead, as this is an area where the reflections of life and all distortions are stored. Mandel says from here we can create “a turning from the inside to the outside,” which will bring distorted individual patterns into right order.

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