How I Use My Intuition


“The truth is more important than the facts.” — Frank Lloyd Wright

Intuition guides my daily path. I embrace intuition because of the good things it has brought into my life. When my intuition says I must go here, do something or meet a person, I just do it. There is always a good reason, either obvious at the time or when looking back.

Tuning into intuition can feel unsettling, impractical, irrational and improbable. You don’t always quickly understand what information comes. It comes in paradoxical ways — a flash of lightning, a dreamy wispy cloud, a voice, a feeling, an image — and sometimes you don’t like its message. To follow it, you feel vulnerable and risk appearing foolish. Being below the threshold of normal human third-dimensional perception, it sometimes feels like you are only imagining things. Yet following “what rings true” can bring startling, powerful, profound, and miraculous results.

When I see a book, sometimes I know immediately I need to read it. Or the book falls literally from the shelves in front of me. A book’s energy field frequency is decided by content and author’s intent. Like attracts like. Deeper levels of me connect vibrationally with that book.

Once I attended a meeting to see a particular woman. She didn’t come, but my intuitive sense to be there led me to an experience by the presenter, Barbara Shipka, who asked us to pick a piece of the jewelry she had created and wear it during her talk. My eyes were immediately drawn to a long string of beads with light glowing around them. My rational mind directed me to look at all the pieces displayed on four large tables. I chose that glowing one.

At the end of her presentation, Barbara told each of us the purpose behind our chosen piece of jewelry. Mine was a “Celestial Ray of Healing and Vitality radiating for the gift of being alive!” My head told me that I could not afford it. Yet, my heart so longed to have it. My intuition won out.

At that time I was depressed. Instead of doing my storytelling business, I was working in a Human Resources department just to make money. I wore that necklace to work every day for a week, then carried it in my purse or had it visible on my desk. Instead of emailing or phoning me, employees began coming to my office to talk. When they were very upset or ill, I would invite them to try on or borrow my long rope of beautiful stones. I think because of that necklace, they came in person and more readily shared their personal burdens. Instead of just entering payroll info, I became a paid story listener. After that I gained more confidence in doing psychic readings.

When people ask for a psychic reading to help clarify their next steps, these are some things I do to access my intuition:

  • Holding hands with them, I speak a prayer of gratitude intending highest good for them and all. This invokes Divine Guidance and connects our vibrational energy fields.
  • I ask them to think of a precise question as they shuffle divination cards. This aligns the cards with the frequencies within their auric field and magnetizes the layout.
  • Like the aperture of a camera, I consciously open my Third Eye to take in more vibrational information where images are tinged in blue light.
  • To connect soul to soul I soften the focus of my physical eyes to become more loving windows to that person’s soul rather than their physical visual appearance.
  • I close my eyes to stimulate the slower sensory alpha brain waves.
  • I receive intuitive information via pictures, feelings, and words. Sometimes a deceased or discarnate being shows up to give information.

The human energy-field holds the information of not only what is happening in the moment, but also the possibilities and probabilities that are likely to follow unless we change our thoughts and emotions — our vibrational state. There is no future as such, only the potential of this moment, and that is what I read. Actually rather than reading the cards, I am reading the person. The responsibility for what action they will take based upon my reading lies with the person, for it is their energy and their choice.

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Carol McCormick
Carol McCormick has been a professional storyteller and public speaker for over thirty years. An Interfaith Minister, she wrote the picture book A Bridge for Grandma to help children understand and accept death and dying.


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