Intuition: My Father and Pheasants


Sometimes my intuition informs me of the next right step through a knowingness, through a still, small voice in my heart or through a physical sensation. Sometimes intuition shows up in odd, synchronistic ways. Pheasant roosters, which you don’t see every day living in the city, have served as my intuitive hits in the past month.

Pheasants have a history in my family. At a Park & Recreation “Pet Day” event when I was 11 years old, I won the “Most Unusual Pet” award for my pheasant chick in a shoebox. My dad was raising pheasants in our garage, which he later released on Grandpa’s farm to increase the pheasant population in Western Minnesota. Over the years, I enjoyed many delicious pheasant dinners. It seemed natural to request that a pheasant be etched onto my dad’s grave marker and to send memorial gifts celebrating Dad’s life to the local chapter of Pheasants Forever.

A few days after my dad’s funeral, my mom and I made a last tour around the cemetery before leaving town. As I pulled into the circle drive, from my driver’s side window, I caught a glimpse of a pheasant rooster as it disappeared under the bushes. My intuition told me immediately that my dad was there with us saying goodbye.

A month later, on a Saturday morning, we held a memorial breakfast for dad’s friends who could not attend the funeral. Whenever Dad had come to town, he had breakfast with his friends. On the sunny morning of the breakfast, when I walked into the restaurant, my eyes immediately landed on a stuffed pheasant rooster in a case by the front door. I smiled, knowing that Dad was having Saturday morning breakfast with his friends again.

On my birthday, a week later, I had a moment of sadness as I tallied up the birthday wishes from family members, realizing that I wouldn’t be getting the regular birthday phone call from my dad. An hour later, as I was driving along Lake Drive, in a combination business-residential area, a pheasant rooster flew across the road in front of my car. I acknowledged that as my birthday blessing from Dad.

The more you notice synchronistic events, the more they show up in your life. I am looking forward to continuing to see pheasants in unexpected places at meaningful times as a message from my father. I especially miss my Dad on Sundays, when I usually talked to him on the phone. My intuitive sense – and all the pheasants — tell me he is still around. And that gives me comfort and joy.

Leah Skurdal teaches Intuitive Development classes, and offers Intuitive Massage and Energy Healing at The Wellness Circle, in Lino Lakes, MN. Leah’s 4-session workshop, Strengthening Your Intuition, runs Wednesdays, June 6, 13, 20, 27 from 9:30-11:00 a.m. Pre-registration required.

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