Healing from Writing

Since my spiritual awakening almost two years ago, I was told by three mediums to write.

“Write in a journal”… “Do some free writing”…”Write your own story”…these were all phrases they shouted out to me, but I didn’t listen — or better yet, I didn’t want to listen. I never saw the benefit and felt it was boring and tedious.

One day my friend Judy felt prompted to tell me a story about her friend who had been told to write many times but didn’t listen either. Her friend was injured in a car accident and broke both her ankles. Only then, with no place to go, she started to write.

I knew that spirit was speaking to me, and by “coincidence” I picked up a book about writing your own spiritual autobiography from a local bookstore. I sat down and started writing my story — of a childhood of severe abuse and a knowing that I had gifts I couldn’t explain — gifts I thought were demonic in some way. I felt I had the double whammy, and I was terrified all the time.

Through my writings, I would get flashes of insight and I began to understand that the gift of knowing wasn’t a curse, but was what saved me from my thoughts of death, depression and suicide that I have had throughout my life. Having psychic experiences led me to believe that God and his angels were perhaps watching over me. It gave me hope to keep going.

As my story unfolded before my eyes, I began to look at things differently as a result of all the ironic and poignant times I have had in life. I began to comprehend the lessons I had come here to learn. I became fully aware that I had so much disillusionment in my mind. I marveled at how everything I thought was right was wrong and everything I thought was wrong was right. My breakthrough into who I really am has set me on a course to help others who have experienced abuse. I now see the true beauty and purpose of my life.

I thank Judy, Denise and Nadine for not listening to my excuses for not writing and for having their own convictions to convey the message to me over and over again.

I urge all of you to start writing. You don’t have to write a book or a manuscript to reap the benefits. Let the words take you wherever they choose, and over time I hope you can see how your higher self, as well as guides, are speaking to you. Write your own positive story of a future happy and full of abundance and love.


  1. Laurie, I am so happy to hear you began your writing journey and sharing your experiences with others who may find solace in yours and know there are others who have gone through the horrors of abuse and come out on the otherside with grace. I look forward to reading your book, Alison


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