Riding The Wave


It is 2012 and we are still here! Has anything truly changed? The place to look for breakthroughs is inwardly as we wait with baited breath for something extraordinary to happen. Some of us expect the worst…annihilation of our world. Others assume that no breakthrough will occur — there will be no cosmic day and we will only round the bend into the dead end of the human condition.

Let us notice that the air is pregnant, almost palpable, with the Presence of the New. Truly we are all waiting in anticipation, unable to ignore the sensation of a mighty Force Field that is wrapping itself around us and squeezing our soul pain to the surface where it can no longer be denied and dismissed. When flooded with this gift of disillusionment — an unburdening of imprisoning illusion — we may momentarily be overcome by a sense of failure. To survive this onslaught of cleansing, we must be flexible with our outer life as we bring all of our attention to the internal world that holds such mystery enfolded in strange pockets of blockage — frustrating stoppage points.

We are called to remember that the Force is building inside — the soul is truly being attended to as it cooks within the alchemical heat of today’s acceleration. Regardless of the limbo suspension we share in this profound moment before birth, let us trust the alchemy and use our detective’s magnifying glass to observe the profound nuances of fundamental change as we travel ever more deeply into our inner reality in search of clues revealed.

The Tibetan joins in with:

“The student needs to both hold on and let go simultaneously. This is the nature of the times. All are undergoing a rapid realization process that instantaneously demands a shedding of the old perceptional framework. There is a constant unrelenting exposure to the truth hidden behind the veils of illusion and false beliefs.

“The student can only prepare with an attitude of flexibility, optimism, good faith and openness. Be the adventurer who surfs the mighty ocean waves — alert, relaxed and yielding to the momentum of the water beneath while holding integrity of structure — a focal point of the embodiment of purpose.

“The holding on is the careful and committed cultivation of a far memory which recognizes that now is the moment of the birth of humankind’s Age of Magnitude and Liberation. What a task – what an honor – what a quest – what great Love has brought this Day!”

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