The Guardian


From the twilight came an angel,
spreading light more luminous than the moon.
A gentle flutter chased away my thoughts,
while losing myself in the shimmer of her gown.
It twinkled.
Suddenly I wanted to dance
and leave my cares behind.

Said the angel,
“I am the bearer of beauty and tenderness,
sweet honey on the tongue,
the flight of fireflies,
and sounds more enchanting than ocean waves.
Hold on to my wings
Let’s fly beyond the moonbeams,
chasing a comet into a star shower,
and alight within the colors of the rainbow.”

Grasping the silken wings smelling of springtime
I rode through ethereal places,
laughing while heavenly spun sugar dropped onto my tongue.
At nightfall, when I tired,
this beautiful being wrapped the darkness
around me like a cloak of black velvet.

Whispering softly she spoke,
“Never move far from the shelter of my wings.
Let them always encircle you.
If you stray they will reach out to guide your way.
Rest in my arms until the light
and I will bring you safely home
to continue your tasks with a lighter heart.
You are always within my sight. Never doubt my protection,
I shall remain your loving guardian always,
while you are forever my treasure.”

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Victoria Raphael
Victoria Raphael has been writing since childhood when she won contests for the school newspaper. She has been published in Southwest Journal’s quarterly Poetry Projects, as well as Seasons, a local poetry anthology, and is the 2011 second place winner of the Petlitzer Prize for poems about animals and pets. Her work has been featured in readings at the Walker Library and the Hennepin History Museum. Among her great passions are words, travel, penguins and what she does for a living. Victoria is a certified Life Coach and teaches writing skills to ESL students with the International Education Institute through Metropolitan State University.



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