Cancer the Disingenuous Disease: What You Put On Your Body Counts, Too


Sixth in a series

Early on during my journey of learning about and experimenting with a healthy lifestyle, I came across Paul Bragg’s book, The Miracle of Fasting, and began fasting once a week; I then added two longer fasts a year. In recent years, this habit fell away. Now that I have started fasting again, my body seems “quite at home,” happy, more rejuvenated.

To paraphrase Paul Bragg, he recommends not only being diligent about what you put in your body, but also being meticulous about what you put on your body. Over the years, I have tried and used many hair- and skin-care products, always seeking more natural, healthier ones. It has been more than two decades since I have used a deodorant with aluminum in it. (There is research that Alzheimer patients, on average, have higher levels of aluminum in their bodies.) One suggestion given to me in my rounds with the doctors and chiropractors was to avoid deodorant with aluminum. I had been using a natural deodorant stone that had no aluminum. However, since my cancerous tumor diagnosis, I stopped using a deodorant because it may impede my lymph system from working optimally.

Currently, I am eliminating the Stage One Invasive Ductal Carcinoma in my left breast through natural methods and have been writing about this journey in the Edge Magazine since March. It occurred to me it would be important to consider my skin — the largest organ of my body — as part of my regimen for clearing the cancer. It makes sense to use the skin’s natural absorption qualities to help the body eliminate cancer cells and restore my breast tissue to health.

I turned to a friend of mine, Paula Quinlan. She, too, is diligently working her way through health challenges. Paula is a Certified Natural Health Professional, also certified in aromatherapy, light field nutriscopy imaging, and Reiki II energy healing []. She is a Lyme Disease survivor and thriver, having used nature’s medicines and energy medicine to heal from the chronic disease; she is a dearth of information. Paula shares her knowledge generously and can provide you with a plethora of technical wisdom about the healing properties of Essential Oils. I knew I would receive caring and helpful support from Paula.

We got together to discuss which of the Essential Oils she recommends to someone like myself who has a cancerous tumor, especially breast cancer. Paula suggested several options. I have to admit I was elated when she suggested Frankincense and Myrrh. These are two Essential Oils that have resonated with me for a long time. Perhaps when I was using them more diligently they may have been preventing an earlier onset of cancer. Of course, I will never know. I let her suggestions simmer in my unconscious, and asked my intuitive side to help select those which would be optimal for my situation.

After benefiting from Paula’s expertise, I felt guided to use two Essential Oil blends: Three Wise Men, which includes Sandalwood, Juniper, Frankincense, Spruce, and Myrrh; and the other was Thieves, which is a blend of Clove, Lemon, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus, and Rosemary. The Three Wise Men is for breast health, and the Thieves is for helping me stay clear of unhealthy energy in my environment. I use it to keep my energy field safe from others who may be, knowingly or unknowingly, pulling energy from others.

As a healer, this is something one must be consciously aware of; it’s important to have systems and rituals for protecting oneself unconsciously. This has been an area of concern for me. Unfortunately, in the past I have let others drain me of emotional, mental and physical energy. It has been recognized that healers can, and do sometimes, take on the illnesses of their clients if they are not diligent about healthy boundaries for themselves and their clients. Of course, healers also need to live healthy lifestyles to help support themselves and be role models for clients.

Provide the body with the right resources
As Paula openly and earnestly shared with me her resources and wisdom, including a stack of books, she explained in her passionate way that Essential Oils make a tremendous amount of sense (both figuratively and literally) by reminding me, “When we provide the body the right resources, the body uses its innate intelligence to heal in the order it needs to heal, not in the order the ego wants it to heal.”

With her words resounding in my mind and body, I lavishly and gently rub on the Three Wise Men oil and breathe in its nurturing aroma. I already feel healed in a way; I am expanding my depth of self-care. Now I understand why these resins were the gifts of the three magi. They have long since been recognized for their healing properties of strengthening the immune system, as anti-inflammatory, and as antiviral healers. And they smell wonderful!

My skin rejoices as I put them on. Now it’s time to see how these oils — along with the dietary changes, nutritional support, mental and emotional changes, and spiritual healing that I have made — will allow my body’s innate intelligence heal itself. I trust this intelligence will dislodge the cancerous cells and help my immune system reinstate healthy cells where the dis-eased ones had taken their “toehold.” It’s an odd thing to say, but that’s what it feels like. It’s time to get that foot off my chest!

Essential Oils support health in six ways:
1. Protect from unfriendly microbes
2. Balance bodily functions
3. Raise the body’s frequency*
4. Purification
5. Clear negative emotions
6. Increase spiritual awareness
*Cancers can start encroaching the body when the body’s vibration falls below 42 MHz. Essential Oils aid in elevating the MHz of the body and help maintain a healthy, natural vibration level. The normal range of a healthy human is between 62 and 78 MHz.

Essential Oils to prevent and alleviate cancer:
• Cinnamon — Fast-acting relief for enzymatic deficiency of the digestive tract and for relieving infections
• Eucalyptus — A broad spectrum oil good as an antiviral, expectorant and anti-inflammatory
• Frankincense — Strengthens a weakened immune system; note that cancer not only weakens the immune system, it will take it over and use it for its own purpose, discussed in part 2 of my series (Edge, May 2012, the Passive Aggressive Disease)
• Juniper — Digestive cleanser and stimulant, purifier and detoxifier promotes excretion of toxins
• Lemon — Stimulates the liver
• Myrrh — Has antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties
• Rosemary — Stimulates and promotes digestion
• Sandalwood — Anti-tumor, antiviral and immune stimulant
• Spruce — Restores exhausted adrenal glands and is an excellent re-energizer

Anti-inflammatory oils that are good for most cancers:
• Wintergreen — Essential oil
• Frankincense — Gum resin and essential oil
• Clove — Essential oil
• Myrrh — Gum resin and essential oil
For breast cancer specifically:
• Sandalwood
• Myrtle
• Tsuga
Source: Essential Oils Desk Reference, Fourth Edition

Now that I have identified additional benefits of these oils, I will consider including a few more essential oils as part of my own regimen.

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