According to my being, words spoken are unforgettable
As irreversible as they may be, I stand alone to admit I’m glad they are
For now you’ve taken the chance to, once and for all
Let me know what you ponder as I’ve given my back towards your direction
Though laughter may disguise my true feelings
Inside I’ve been torn and automatically
I’m crashed because my expectations are being sidelined
Suddenly you’re not too funny anymore
I cannot mingle with your sort for my intestines suddenly grow a larger tone
Humbled I am by your sense of reasoning
Because you went out of your way to show you are careless about this useless broken hearted soul
Beneath and behind a happy inspired and progress longing person
Lies one with no direction, pained heart,
Disintegrated sense of responsibility and HATE to last a lifetime
Someday it’ll all go smooth and soon
I shall shout you thought you’d win but I made you lean
I thank you for the courage you had when my tears made you feel no sorrow
A perfectionist: Yes, but to acknowledge the wrong I’ve done makes me bigger than the huge defect
I may damage but once I look the part of feeling the sense of regret,
Its consolation and then I think it’s easier to forget.
Times are hard, we live to forget but only to be reminded again

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Ludwekazi Ndlazi is a freelance writer and poet born and bred in the Eastern Cape of South Africa in a town called Mthatha. Currently, she resides in Durban due to further enrollment in her studies at the Durban University of Technology. The young writer is inspired and defined by the art of spoken word. At the age of 19, with the vision to speak and be heard, her attempts to accomplish one of her life's greatest dreams of being a true writer led to the birth of the authentic scribbler. Though anticipating a career in the business world, the young writer believes that her passion for writing can only nurture and as she grows; there will be a balance between the two, because a true writer is never silenced by circumstance.



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