Group Awakening and the Independent Spirit


An excerpt from Making the Shift: Field Guide to the Emerging Consciousness Volume 1

We are undergoing a collective shift in consciousness that is transforming the human condition and ushering in a global spiritual renaissance — the New World Order. This truly is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius. The archetype of Aquarius expresses itself through groups and broad humanitarian ideals. We are being called to unite as brothers and sisters within a loving planetary family.

The template of the Aquarian Age is comprised of groups of highly individuated people whose uniqueness is supported and applauded. No members are exiled for distinctiveness, eccentricity, originality or values. Instead of being squashed and homogenized into a generic standard, individual identities are encouraged and enhanced through the group’s loving mirror. We mutually galvanize each other to a splendid new consciousness simply by experiencing the common ground of our universal process of awakening. A profound sense of connection develops through sharing our descents and ascents and the wisdom that emerges.

In past lives, we have often walked the Path alone, believing that isolation and singularity would purify the toxic effects of the collective unconscious. We insulated ourselves to clarify vision and truth. The comfort of belonging to the tribe seemed to sacrifice individual evolutionary pace, compromise essence and subdue uniqueness.

Seeking authenticity
How can we possibly be authentic within a group? Regardless of their orientation — political, educational, friendships, work, familial or religious — groups can be punishing in a way that blocks our freedom, controls our minds, judges and rejects our perspective, shrinks our space, suffocates us and tells us what we can or can’t do. Resistance to group involvement may stem from subliminal past-life memories of being overpowered by congregations who dulled and reduced their followers into helpless sheep. To crush individuation and homogenize uniqueness into a generic quagmire strangles one’s particular genius. Like having a lobotomy, we can no longer think independently or give ourselves permission to follow the soul’s passion.

We have faced the choice of self-betrayal in order to belong to the group, a depressing and stifling price of admission. Otherwise, past-life memories of exile and alienation warn us to flee before being rejected. I have taken refuge in being the lone wolf who growls at group danger, distrustful of the collective shadow that turns on and destroys its own members. To endure the agonizing loneliness of isolation seemed infinitely safer.

Ironically, group involvement — the portal to a rich experience of connection and communion — is required to slay the illusion of separateness. I have learned to trust the discernment that guides me to simpatico soul groups and to accept the mandate to join others — to ride the New Wave together. What a joyous opportunity this is to hold hands and leap into Great Possibility.

Gatherings create an alchemical cauldron that challenges us to be faithful to our distinctiveness while releasing control and allowing ourselves to be swept into group consciousness from a place of exquisite vulnerability. Although this exposure feels risky, it is infinitely safer than allowing fear to quarantine the soul. The pressure to balance group belonging with our independent spirit may be overwhelming, but this Divine tension transmutes ancient toxins that fester in the soul body from past lives of banishment, repression, and persecution and catalyzes the realization that we do not have to forfeit pieces of ourselves. Instead, we gain a new level of independence through the group’s gift of interdependence. Finally, we are both free to be and to belong.

Making the leap together
The previous Age of Pisces required spiritual students to walk the path of enlightenment as lone yogis in caves. Transmissions from gurus were necessary to part the veils of illusion and open the Way. No longer an option to evolve alone, we absolutely need each other to make the current massive leap in consciousness. The new paradigm is cosmically hard-wired to be ignited and to operate through groups. The path of the solitary mystic, like an obsolete computer program, cannot be engaged by today’s upgraded Universal flow.

Now we look to each other as teachers. The new mandate for group participation does not breed helpless dependency. Powerful group synergy springs from a healthy interdependence that fuels a rapid rate of evolution for the assemblage of individual souls.

The quest is to find groups that strike a similar chord with our soul — where we feel met and our energies harmonize and catalyze insight and expansion. Here are others who speak the same soul language, share reciprocal questions and resonate at a mutual vibrational frequency. Literally pulled toward these “soul mates” by a cosmic magnet, we are compelled to experience the shift in consciousness in communion with the people who smile in recognition and welcome our voice as an essential gift to the group’s evolution. Simply put, our presence itself stimulates forward motion. Everyone is served.

The group synergy has a powerful alchemical impact that naturally unlocks our voice. These soul clusters constellate to create an electrical grid that dramatically stimulates the movement and ups the amperage of Universal energy in a way that we cannot access alone. Everyone’s combined energy exponentially allows each individual to take a huge leap.

Let’s rejoice in our soul community and bask in the agreement to bond together. All participants are equal regardless of how much they have meditated, self-examined and healed. Each individual, representing an important piece of the human pie regardless of the rawness of their wounds, is like a match enkindling the fire that burns off the collective debris in the group. Within the freedom to express their uniqueness, participants share this opportunity for great advancement through a rich common bond. The torment of isolation is finally broken. We no longer walk the Path alone.

The Tibetan responds
The Tibetan, rejoicing in his group of Ascended Masters, teaches:

“Group participation is the most efficient way to soften a rigid ego and melt open the heart chakra to receive Universal love. To witness others undergoing similar rigors of transformation helps self to dis-identify with the ‘alchemical assaults’ currently pulverizing blockages in the soul body. Additionally, frantic ego attempts to fight today’s mighty cosmic tide of emergence crumble under the impact of the group momentum that serves as a dynamic wave to transport self to the new frontier.

“The innate resonance within the soul group provides an experience of being loved in a way that may be difficult for self to access alone. The group’s loving recognition of self’s magnitude melts defenses. The individual has a new vantage point on her true value and gifts. Stifling congestion in the throat chakra unblocks and literally draws out the voice of the soul for joyful expression and sharing. The group holds up a beautiful loving mirror to reveal self’s full significance.

“The student is fully unveiled in the group — not off alone imprisoned in cloistering shields of protection. This exposure evokes a vulnerability, brought on by self’s responsibility to be fully open and honest in the group, providing the greatest access to the Divine current stretching and transforming the soul. Communal un-shrouding levels the playing field.

“Group members become comfortable in revealing their authenticity in this equalized setting where no one need hide from deep group insight and sensitivity to each other. The group then operates at maximum effectiveness and naturally issues a wake-up call, not from cruel confrontation, but rather from a cherishing invitation to explore heightened emotional and spiritual intimacy. This fulfills the cosmic mandate to gather together to practice, experience, and integrate the Oneness that underlies all human experience.

“To say Yes to group participation magnetizes kindred spirits into one’s life. There is a cellular affinity and empathy that reflects the karmic contract to join together and propel each other forward at this momentous juncture in human history. Just as a rocket requires maximum combustion for lift off, so too is the combined soul fire of all participants needed to efficiently activate self into the emerging consciousness. This is not the time to waste energy. Ample transformational heat is necessary to launch everyone’s momentous JUMP into the New.

“The group is the safest container for the individual soul. It allows Universal energy to build carefully and lovingly to a powerful momentum that self alone could not ignite and would also struggle to contain. One’s receptivity to this intensified energy may be compromised by subliminal past-life traumas with excessive cosmic fire — kundalini. Tremendous voltage may overwhelm the individual who then reacts by scattering energy to disperse its potency. This forfeits the vibrational momentum provided by today’s heightened frequencies designed to activate the collective consciousness. The group accommodates this energy. The individual can relax, breathe, and absorb this extra ‘cosmic juice’ — feeling safe as a baby in a golden crib rocked by the angels.

“Allow self to be held by the group with the trust and gratitude that evokes the innocence of the magical child. Cynicism, indifference and defenses fall away. Everyone celebrates joy!

“The soul group is naturally a place of grace and acceptance that heals the torment of self’s internal criticism, judgment, shame, inferiority and fear of attack. Group acceptance fosters the ability to embrace all aspects of self, even the shadow, with compassion, the key to liberation. Each member of the group preciously offers an aspect of the prism called the human condition. Together, the totality is revealed. As the independent spirit flourishes through kinship, the illusion of separation between individuality and group unity is dissolved, liberating everyone to travel their distinctive path into the new orbit of Universal communion.”

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Moriah Marston is an author, metaphysical teacher, and founder of the School of the Golden Discs, a center for expanding consciousness. A gifted channel for Ascended Master Djwhal Khul, the Tibetan, Moriah masterfully integrates his profound teachings into the school's transformative classes, phone groups and seminars. Also, as a soul-based psychotherapist to individuals, couples and groups since 1983, specializing in phone sessions, Moriah applies a multi-dimensional approach to transformation and healing in concert with her intuitive link to the Tibetan's cosmic perspective. Her books include Making the Shift: Field Guide to the Emerging Consciousness, Earth School: A Fresh Perspective on the Human Condition and Soul Searching with Djwhal Khul, the Tibetan.


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