My Struggle with Fear, Being True


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After the sudden death of my 20-year old daughter in 2003, amazing experiences of signs and messages from her were all around me. I was led to an amazing medium and teacher and I began to wonder if these experiences were common — did this happen to everyone? I didn’t think so, but I was clueless as to why they were happening to me. I loved them — they brought me much needed peace and consolation — but why? Please keep them coming, I would plead continuously, but again, why? Eventually I quit asking why, and instead, my question became what? “Dear Universe, please show me what you want me to do with these experiences!”

I became quite fearful and guarded. I knew that not everyone would embrace my experiences the way I did; some would hardly see them as “godly.” In fact, I knew there were some who would say my experiences were most likely “of the devil” — even though the Bible is filled with stories of angels and visions and prophesies.

The journey to come to terms with my experiences of signs and messages from the dead, working with mediums and harnessing my own intuition was a rocky one.

I was so fearful that I would be ostracized for sharing my experiences. Several years passed before I could even begin to share them with most of my family – most importantly, my parents. I was quite certain they would think that their oldest daughter was delusional and most likely had “gone off the deep end.”

I would secretly quiz those I came in contact with to see if I felt they were open to hearing my story. At times, it was a very lonely and frustrating exercise in futility.

I was at a crossroads. I knew my experiences were meant to be shared with the world, but how would that happen when I couldn’t even muster the courage to share them with most of my immediate family?

I had no answers. I only knew that the Universe was in charge, and when the time was right, it would happen. Of this, I was completely certain.

Eventually, my story became “known” and I knew it was only a matter of time before word reached my parents. After all, we live in the same town, only a block away from each other. I knew I needed to be the one to share it with them — not some acquaintance out on the street.

My experiences had even become part of a book, True Stories of Messages From Beyond, and still my parents were in the dark.

It all came to a head at a family reunion. Several of my cousins and an aunt and uncle or two had read my story. We had no more than exited the car when they approached me and began to share how much they had enjoyed reading my story and how amazing my signs and messages had been.

I would quickly thank them and then pull them aside and whisper that this was all fine and dandy, but hey, my folks don’t know anything about this — so don’t mention it to them okay?

By the end of the day I knew how absolutely ridiculous the situation had become.

It was clear the time had come to share my secrets. I dropped Mom and Dad off at their home and returned to mine. I went into my office and pulled a copy of my book off the shelf.

I returned to my childhood home, finding my Mom busy in the kitchen and my Dad enjoying an afternoon nap.

“Mom,” I said, “I have something to tell you and you need to sit down. I don’t think you are ready for this, but I wanted you to find out from me and not someone else.” I laid the book in front of her and she read the cover. She opened up the pages and saw my story of Elizabeth.

Much to my complete shock, she proceeded to tell me that she wasn’t surprised. She had googled my name a while back and knew all about it!

I returned home, and no more than an hour later my phone rang — it was Mom. She had already finished reading my story and she told me through her tears how proud and happy she was.

I look back on that time now and all I can do is laugh. I was so sure that my experiences would be discounted that I didn’t give my family a chance. I have now come “out of the spiritual closet” and have only encountered a smattering of souls who did not approve of my experiences, and that’s just fine with me — after all, everyone is entitled to their own beliefs. I would never force my personal beliefs on anyone. All I can continue to do is to share my experiences in the hope that perhaps they will help someone else along the way — always with the Universe leading the way.

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