Silent Partner


Ever so slowly it began. She felt a deep stirring within the very depths of her loins, her soul, and her center. The heat of it rose gently at first, arousing her, awakening her, amusing her. “I must have him” she thought.

With this thought, she sent a message to his loins, his soul, and his center. The message was received and perceived…. He was a willing participant in the proposition he was faced with. “How long has it been” he wondered. “How long since I’ve honored her and shared my passion with her? How long since she has tasted my love for her as cool, sweet drops of my soul upon her body. How long since I have caressed her curves, her hills, her valleys; felt the deep recesses of her? So long, too long!”

He was indeed ready; his erect intention was known to her now, as well. He entered into his foreplay… a glance, a look that lingered…a groan, the lights of his very being cast above and upon her. As his electric fingers touched her, she responded with her own groan….a silent uttering she felt deep down to her core, her center. It cooled her passion only enough for her to long, and almost beg for more. She returned his playful gazes with direct intention. It was clear she wanted more.

He acquiesced to her request and his rhythm increased as he came down upon her hard and with a greater awareness of his own needs. His caresses became intentional, as well, as he lingered in some places and moved quickly, where she ached for his thirst-quenching liquid love.

His moist laps of her body were making her as wet as he was, sharing the experience of being lubricated; washed clean of any distraction. Nothing existed except their union. She opened herself to him fully as the wave of intensity hit a peak. Suddenly they shuddered together, another lingering gaze was shared and this round of supreme connection was completed.

He held her as she quivered, and the life began to stir in all parts of her; she shared her colors, thoughts and blossoms with him. He looked down upon them with great joy and peace, for he knew he had pleased her. It pleased him deeply to view the energy of this reciprocal event; she showed all of her her beauty to him as a sign of her love and commitment to their endless connection, their purpose and passion.

Over the vast span of four glorious days, he made love to her with varied pace and fervor. She was moist and fruitful from the union for many days afterward, feeling renewed and alive once again. The dusty dryness of her soul was refreshed and she again was strong enough to birth many astonishing creations. “He will be so happy to see me burst forth with color on my cheeks once again,” she mused.

Reluctantly, he made his retreat, promising to return again when he felt her urges and her calls to him. It was his duty, after all, to watch over her and attend to her needs — to listen for her signals and requests. He was in contract to honor the very depths of her soul, her body, her existence.

It was then that I exited my humble, silent abode and strode upon her aroused surface. The evidence of this sacred union clearly in sight, resting as puddles of their love for all to see. Countless artistic works were strewn about her landscape, and he was reflected within them. She was the mirror, holding his image as a way to keep them closer for a while longer. I viewed them together in splendid wonderment. She held the liquid of his love until it soaked deep within her. What did not soak in, evaporated, to once again meet him — and he knew he would rain it down upon her some day when she so openly requested it.

Yes, Father Sky made love to Mother Earth, and as the only true witness, I have been changed forever by it. As I was held within this energy, being soaked to my very soul by it, I was made aware that I was being gifted in miraculous ways. I saw Gaia’s surface turn greener, saw the blooms of her union with her lover, felt his humble response in the whisper of his breezes. I felt the power of his wind gusts as he heaved his love upon her. I heard this union overhead as the gentle drops of his love became the pitter patter of her soul dancing across my rooftop.

As I was so gifted to stand in their passion, honoring them, yet remaining still and silent as I needed to, I knew I was allowed to be a part of their act merely as an observer. I was accepted as a silent partner, hearing the message for me to share with others: “Assist us so we may continue to cleanse one another, thus cleansing all.”

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Harmony Green
Harmony Green is an intuitive healer, spiritual doula and owner of All about the Journey, a healing center located at Her purpose in this life is to assist others in birthing their truth by working closely with her clients one-to-one. She is a humble channel of Father Sky, G Moon and the collective ancestral energies known as The Earth Dwellers and the Peace Bringers. Writing is a very cathartic and connecting process for her, and her blog Daily Danspirations is a love project from her soul. Read Harmony's blog at



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