12-12-12: An Interview with Pleiadian Ambassador Christine Day

Native Australian Christine Day, a spiritual teacher, healer and author, has channeled information from extraterrestrials known as Pleiadians for the past 20 years, seeking to assist and awaken humanity during this acknowledged time of great transformation on planet Earth. Through a channeled healing modality, Frequencies of Brilliance, and book, Pleiadian Initiations of Light, she has offered people tools to awaken consciously to their true nature.

And the process continues. In an interview with The Edge, Christine spoke with us from her home office in Minneapolis about her upcoming three-day Pleiadian seminar, which returns to the Cities on October 12-14. She shared with us the meaning of sacred megaliths like Stonehenge and the Great Pyramid. She connected those megaliths with information about the true purpose of crop circles. And last but not least, Christine shared information about the further evolution of consciousness within the human body and the resulting energetic shifts that are now underway.

The Pleiadian Seminar with Christine Day will take place at the Ramada Mall of America Hotel in Bloomington, Minnesota. For more information or to register, contact Serena Poisson at 619.429.4712 or email iusereiki@cox.net.

You visited Brazil with your message last fall. Describe that experience and how the message was received.
Christine Day: Well, it was received very well. I spend six months a year in Brazil, and the people of Brazil are very open to the message and very responsive to hearing the truth. It’s almost like their hearts are open and they really recognize truth when they hear it and are able to really take it in and receive it in a very positive way. So, they’re very open to moving with the times and willing to flow with those times in such a way. It’s very important.

Do the Brazilians have a lot of history with extraterrestrials or channeled or metaphysical information, or is it all new to them and they’re accepting it?
CD: No, it’s not new to them. The space ships, or Pleiadian ships, are very active in Brazil. There is a great awareness of the presence of the Pleiadians. They are aware that the Pleiadians brought the shamanic teachings to the native people in Brazil. The people of Brazil, the shamans, are appreciative of what they have received in the way of the sacred teachings, from the Pleiadians.

They are very, very open to this message, and they are very comfortable with me, as far as trusting the essence and the energy that I bring. They are very responsive to that. They feel that I’m authentic and they’re very willing to be guided by what comes through me and what is brought out to them, so it’s very special.

The Summer Olympics will be in Rio de Janeiro in four years, so by then Brazil should be quite a light, bright place.
CD: I think so. I’m interested to see how they do it. I go to Rio to work sometimes, and it’s such an incredible mountainous area, so dense and populated and so hot and humid! I think it’s going to be quite a challenge to the athletes who are going over, especially those with the track and field and the marathon runners. I mean, it’s really intense there.

You’ll be presenting your next seminar in Minneapolis in October. What can participants expect to experience there?
CD: There are very, very powerful and cutting-edge energies coming in for that Pleiadian seminar. For the first time, a Lemurian and Pleiadian alliance will be coming in for that seminar. For those not familiar, Lemurian energies existed at the time of Atlantis. The Atlanteans were on the land working with the crystals in a scientific way, and the Lemurians were under the ocean working with the crystals in a spiritual sense.

The Lemurians are strongly aligned to the crystalline energies that are anchoring right now on the planet. As part of the 11/11/11, a crystalline structure was anchored throughout all the human beings on this planet. This crystalline structure came in at this time because we have to transform. We have to upgrade our energies to align to the dimensional shifts that are happening on the planet right now.

The crystalline structure that is through all of us is allowing us to transform and become more electrical in energy. That will allow us to move with the changing dimensional energies. Not only that, it allows us to be able to hold and carry more of our Divine essence in our bodies. At the moment, much of our essence is outside our bodies, but in the new dawning time that’s coming, this Divine aspect of ourselves needs to come in and anchor fully in our cells for our awakening process.

So in the three-day Pleiadian seminar, the Pleiadians are going to be giving sacred codes to people to be able to begin activating this new crystalline structure. The Lemurian energies are going to be there as a pre-agreement to assist people in working with that crystalline structure and help integrating the new electrical components through the body. This crystalline structure is actually anchored in the brain, and as it’s activated, it will open up a telepathic center of the brain and bring us back to a re-activation of our abilities to telepathically communicate and commune with each other — and with the all-wise force in the universe.

Another part of the crystalline structure is the thyroid, and we are going to be activating that location. That allows us to start transmitting our own unique frequency of our Divine factor. The next area of the body that the crystalline structure went was into the heart, and we’re going to be activating the crystalline structure there. That will create a new electrical energy through the heart, and it will open us up as a receiving station. We’re going to be able to start bringing in what we need and receive a higher frequency of our own Divine Self, anchoring it through the heart space.

The crystalline structure’s final aspect is in the spine, where it was birthed in the spinal fluid. This spinal fluid has a high dimensional frequency of awakening. It carries a pure essence within it. With activation, a 5th, 6th, 7th dimensional energy is awakened, making it possible to begin the self-manifesting and self-healing process, regenerating the cells throughout the body.

So that’s part of the seminar itself. The other part involves our work with the crop circles, which are involved in the earth changes that are going on right now. The crop circles are coming into their full energy for the first time, their full purpose for being here on the Earth plane. They hold a multi-dimensional energy on the Earth plane, and their energetic purpose is to align all the megalithic sites around the Earth — Stonehenge, the Great Pyramid, all of the sacred sites. They’re being aligned to the crop circles, and the crop circles are bringing these megalithic sites back to their original, pure, sacred form that they held when they first came onto the Earth plane. An energetic webbing is going out across the Earth plane, created as these lines of energy running from the crop circles to all the megalithic sites start to open up.

The full purpose of the crop circles is to hold the blueprint energies for all human beings on this Earth plane. During our seminar, we are going to be working with these sacred matrix energies or blueprints from the crop circles. I have been given communication codes to be able to work with these matrix energies. Each person is going to receive a matrix design and start to activate and open up the awakening process. By communicating with the crop circles, we can begin another level of awakening through the cells of the body.

It’s all going to take place in the crystal vortex, which we always have at the Pleiadian seminars. We’re going to be working with a lot of energies here — a total regeneration of the cells, a total opening of the electrical systems in the body, birthing that, and moving out into the energetic field.

The Pleiadians wanted this seminar in October to support everybody and give them tools to work with telepathic communication and working with their telepathic centers, and all the crystalline centers, in readiness for 12/12/12.

The Pleiadians are saying there are incredible illumination waves coming in onto the planet on 12/12/12 — like nothing that has ever come onto the planet before now. These are energetic illumination waves that are designed to awaken people into their real, true frequency of light. With the work that we’ll do during the seminar, it’s going to make it possible for those people to really utilize these energies and begin an advanced awakening process within themselves.

You mentioned the awakening of, or the enhancement of, the energy within the body with regards to the crystalline energy. Are the energy centers, the chakras, going to be upgraded to accommodate that?
CD: Absolutely! Every system in the body is going to be upgraded — even an upgrading of the organs in the body. There’s going to be a regeneration. The Pleiadians say we are going to be youthing, and living a lot longer than anyone has ever lived before as human beings here. Our whole systems will be working very differently, because this crystalline structure will enable us to communicate and live side by side energetically with the spiritual realms of the angels, with the Pleiadians, with all the extraterrestrial energies.

We will finally be able to take our place consciously with the collective consciousness, with all life force in the universe. We’re actually going to start carrying this frequency, and we will be able to play a conscious active role within the universe. That’s why this is such a turning point. As I said, 11/11/11 was a big turning point, with it becoming anchored, but we’re now activating it.

What can people, even those who don’t attend your event, expect to feel within themselves during this time period?
CD: If you’re consciously awake, not just walking around and living very third dimensionally, a lot of things will be taking place that people will experience. To start, they’re going to feel an intensification of the third-dimensional drama. The key now is that this is the time, through conscious choice, to witness the drama, but not become a part of it.

On 11/11/11, we were upgraded to a point where we can step outside the drama. We have this empowered way of being able to step aside, witness, and just feel what else is there. The drama is only getting more intense because of all of the light that is coming onto the planet. There’s more contrast between the dark and light. I don’t mean dark in the sense of evil, but third-dimensional drama, the illusions. We are seeing them shake as they try to hold their place in our reality, but the third dimension is becoming weaker. It’s like something is about to die and the drama wants to stay alive.

Survival mode.
CD: That’s what I’m talking about. So during this time, people may feel like they can’t contain or hold thought processes as well as they could before, particularly anything that is not truth. Some people like to hang onto their drama stories and have people to share them with. But people aren’t going to be so hooked into the drama as in the past, unless it has some element of truth in it.

A lot of people will just go on as usual, because they’re not going to transform for a while, but they still have the crystalline structure within them; they just won’t be activating it at this time. There’s a group of us who are conscious and awake and will be experiencing moments of joy, of connection, of a sense that our heart is opening. We may feel like we have to sit and be in a deeper connection with the natural forces.

We will feel a greater interconnection between us as human beings. Every crystalline structure within every person is unique, but one common element exists between each one: the God Consciousness. That God Consciousness is going to spark between everyone. We’re going to have a sense of a flow that hasn’t been there before. It will be very tangible for some people, and many others may not even understand it. But there will be a new peace within people that has not been there in the past.

What the Pleiadians are talking about with us is our own relationship with ourselves. We will start to turn back toward ourselves as human beings with love and compassion and appreciate the magnitude of this journey and the beauty of being human. We will be able to accept ourselves as being perfectly imperfect, that we came here to make mistakes in order to learn. We will hold ourselves with much more love and compassion — and acceptance of our humanness.

The Pleiadians say we came here in this lifetime to have a human experience and to end the separation inside ourselves — and through conscious choice, open up to our spiritual aspect. A part of our mission in this lifetime, for all of us, is to come to this place and have that experience. It will begin with many of us who have been on the spiritual path, and in a moment of time, everyone else on the planet with that crystalline structure and a willingness to end the drama and violence will have a moment of awakening in that space.

The Pleiadians tell us that we’re all taking our next step here on this planet. Now, some people who do not want to end the drama will take their next step off the planet, and those who are ready to live in this harmony will stay here and we will take our next step on the planet. There’s no such thing as death, so we’re all just taking our next steps here, in whatever direction that might be.

One trend that we’ve seen is a growing number of people who are born autistic and some who do not speak at all. Perhaps the telepathic enhancements will allow us to interact with this group of people?
CD: That’s absolutely correct. The fact is, those autistic kids who are coming in are carrying a very unique frequency of the new dawning energy, and they are anchoring this energy onto the planet. That’s part of their role. They only work through telepathy. They’ve come here really to teach many of us how to open up and transmit that telepathic energy output. They embody that, and their presence on the planet at this time allows all of us to move into our telepathic abilities and to utilize them.

I’ve been working with my crystalline structure and I’ve been activated through my telepathic center, and I’ve been utilizing this telepathic communication and communion energy. It’s very user friendly. I’m working with it very efficiently and a lot of my students are already working with it efficiently; it’s not a difficult thing. It’s just a matter of turning back to a natural aspect of what we used to be.

This crystalline structure is just exquisite, and the energy and experience of working within that telepathic center is really so pure and so beautiful. It brings an incredible peace through the cells — and the cells respond and are birthing with it because it’s part of our natural ability within our awakened state. It’s just really a very amazing experience.

Another thing seems to have come onto this planet in preparation for this awakening time: the explosion of social media in popularity, Facebook and Twitter. It just happens to connect us all together effortlessly, and it will be here when we reach that point of awakening.
CD: I can only agree with you, Tim. I think the timing has always been predestined, and to achieve our purpose, we need all sorts of support. The Pleiadians right now are calling on all human beings to start activating the pre-agreements that they made here before they came onto this Earth plane to the different energetic alliances and guides that are available. A whole lot of us right now need to consciously choose to activate these pre-agreements and start bringing in the spiritual communication and the spiritual help that is waiting; it cannot come to us without our permission.

Aside from Twitter and Facebook, there’s also a universal communication network that we need to utilize. We’re not supposed to do this alone. That’s what the Pleiadians are saying. We said yes to the support from the spiritual realms, the angels, and light beings, some Pleiadians, other alien energies, any energetic alliances that are here to support us in moving forward. Humans want to do it alone and isolate themselves a lot of the time, but this is a new dawning time of opening up and calling in and utilizing those pre-agreed supports.

Were the megalithic sites connected by an energy grid in the past that has since eroded over time or will this be the first time they have been connected with this type of energy?
CD: This is the very first time — and it was always meant that this would happen at this time to bring in this new dawning era that we are in the middle of now. This connection between the crop circles and the megalithic sites will rise to one level of its fullest state on 12/12/12 as the illumination waves arrive, because the waves will bring in a dimensional setting to this planet that we have not experienced before.

Will that megalithic upgrade and connection have any effect on the Earth changes that we are struggling with at this point?
CD: Yes, it is going to transform things, but not before it shakes  some things up initially. The Pleiadians are saying there are more Earth changes coming. The changes are going to accelerate because they need to at this time. There needs to be a redesign of our Earth energetically. Energetic lines are going to create shifts on the Earth where they need to take place. There’s a lot of blockage in the Earth right now, pockets of energy within the Earth that are holding a dense congestion that really needs to be aligned to the dimensional space and the Earth itself. The soil of the Earth needs a true regeneration, because there is this congestion of chemicals and pollution, to be honest.

Part of the regeneration process of this time is not only to regenerate ourselves and our bodies, but to regenerate the life force of the soil of the Earth itself. Everything needs to move and shift.

There will be a time of seeming chaos, and the last thing the Pleiadians want is to promote any fear because there’s been a lot of fear put out there about the Earth changes. The fact is, we don’t have to be afraid. We just need to be mindful of being where we’re supposed to be and to place ourselves there.

You hear people saying, “Oh, yeah, there’s going to be mass exodus on the planet.” There will be some people leaving the planet, but these are the people who aren’t ready for peace. They aren’t ready to move out of drama. They’re into violence and power and control, and not in a small way. These people will be leaving the planet because they don’t belong here anymore. They will take a step off the planet and have another experience, but they won’t be staying here. That’s just the way it is; that’s how it was supposed to be.

What information have you received personally that you found awe inspiring lately?
CD: I went through a profound initiation on 11/11/11. I was taken home for six hours and I have not been the same since. I find that I am unfolding at such a rate and aligning with the Divine that it’s awe inspiring, because of the beauty and the transformation that I am experiencing for myself and the transformation that I am witnessing in the people I’m working with. I am very excited about this crystalline structure, because it gives us the potential for the transformation that I have been told that we’re going to have. Now I can see how it’s possible. It allows for everything that I have been shown in the last four or five years that was coming in our transformation process. It makes it all possible, and it inspires me and delights me. I am filled with tremendous gratitude and grace with what we’re being given, and for the real tools we’re being given.

It’s happening; it’s not just words anymore. I’m really appreciative of everything I’m receiving and everything I’m becoming. It brings an incredible grace and makes everything easy. There’s an ease to it.

Tell me about the new book that you’re working on.
CD: Oh, this new book is really fantastic. I’ve been putting off doing it and my publisher has been waiting a year and a half for me to get it done and it’s all been in place to happen.

It’s a challenge for me to put together a book. I have all the information, but it all comes through in thought transference, so I have to bring the words in. The book will be called, Pleiadian Principles for Living. It’s a handbook to assist people to navigate themselves through the changing times right now. I think it’s incredibly important, because it actually helps us understand the Earth changes, where we are in this time, what’s happening on the planet, what’s happening to us physically, how the shift is taking place on our planet and how this birthing process is taking place between us and the natural forces on the planet. It speaks to our relationship changing to the universal consciousness, to the spiritual realms, and how we can now start being part of the flow through conscious choice.

Audio files attached to the book will allow people to go in and journey and activate their crystalline structure, and it gives them step-by-step processes to work with to be able to align to the natural forces and how to use the telepathic communication and the telepathic communion center. It really gives all the tools you need to continue.

With this book, people will be able to start consciously working and aligning with the natural flow and become part of the flow of these changing times. It shares how you can align and start communicating and working side by side with the spiritual realms and the other energetic alliances. It offers connections to the crop circles within the sacred matrix.

For those who haven’t read the earlier interviews we had with you, please share about the overall objective of the Pleiadian initiations of light.
CD: The initiations are designed to open up people so they are able to make direct alignments to their own light. When you are receiving the Pleiadian light initiations, they create an energetic womb with light around your energetic field, and they don’t enter your energetic field. The initiation process opens your own light channel, so you can begin to birth this light, this alignment to your self to that aspect of your light that is outside your body. The light initiations assist you in anchoring the light and aligning it through the cells of your body, awakening the energies through the cells. The Pleiadian’s light is not coming into us. It actually holds an energetic space around each participant and creates an environment for self-healing and reconnection and awakening to self — on all sorts of levels. It’s an empowering process for our ability to awaken at this time.

The Pleiadians don’t change you, but they give you tools to empower yourself.
CD: Exactly. It’s all self-empowerment. The Pleiadians are here on the Earth plane because they have a pre-agreement to be here now to help us during this time, which they call the New Dawning.

The Pleiadians liken us to a drop in the ocean. As we return to the ocean as that individual unique drop, everybody within that ocean becomes more defined within themselves, because there’s a completion element in place. It’s like when the jigsaw puzzle is finally in place. With every piece, the picture is complete. There’s a wholeness that takes place.

We don’t recognize ourselves until we join up with the group.
CD: Exactly! At one point years ago, the Pleiadians were pushing me to join that ocean of light, as that one drop. My ego mind was scared. It was like, “Gosh, I’m going to lose myself. I’m going to become nothing. Where am I going to be in that?” One day I just let go and allowed the experience, and I became even more defined within myself, more complete.

You may ask, “What’s in it for the Pleiadians in being here?” They want all of us back in our places. You know? The Pleiadians are part of the collective consciousness. They are not separate from us. We look at them as different, but we’re all part of the God consciousness, of the Oneness.

Information on Christine Day and the Pleiadian Seminar: www.ChristineDayonline.com

Christine Day will be interviewed by Cathryn Taylor at 6 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 12, on Edge Talk Radio. Listen by calling 1.714.364.4750 or listen at BlogTalkRadio.com/edgemagazine.


  1. I was at Chrisitne Day’s seminar last year and was blown away! I really connected with my own Pleiadian roots and she brought me to a more peaceful and centered place within myself. Thanks for the great questions in this article. I really enjoyed reading it! I am hoping to go to this next seminar on October and start working with telepathic modalities. I am a Pleiadian starseed who came here in 1951 and when I was 18 mos.old I wondered why they left me as I stared at the sky. Well in my last 18 years I have awakened to my true being through many teachers of which Christine is one. Thankyou for this enlightened article. Namaste.


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