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Back in 1987, Jose Arguelles introduced the world to the Harmonic Convergence and the awareness of the end of the Mayan Calendar (Winter Solstice 2012). December 21 is the end of the 5126-year Mayan long count Calendar of Time. Other prophecies and theories have surfaced for this year, as well, concerning the end of time. What are these different prophecies and theories? Who and what is right? Is this the final end or just the end of a cycle? Is there a metaphysical reason for this end date or is this just the end of the Mayan calendar?

It is intriguing to think about the end of time! Mystics and mediums have all identified our time as a time of great change, struggle and “the great choosing.” As with all interpretation of future prophecies, experts and seers will vary in their interpretations of the signs, so you will have to make up your own mind.

Archeologists agree that the longest cycle of time, according to the old Mayan Calendar, does complete between December 21 and 23, 2012. Time was sacred to this culture; Mayans gave divine names (personalities) to each day, according to many cyclical calendars of different lengths. They had overlapping calendars: the Tzolk’in cycle of 260 days (13 cycles of 20 days), the Haab cycle or 365 days (360 days with five nameless bad luck days), the bak’tun cycle of 144,000 days and many more. Their cycles were based on the movements of the sun, the moon and Venus. It was all very complicated and only the elite priests and astrologers could understand it. The Mayans never indicated what would happen when their calendar completed its cycles.

The Hopi Indians have a prophecy that seems to correlate with other 2012 prophecies.

The Hopi and other Native American tribes speak of a certain period of a time referred to ask “Purification” of the human race.” In Oraibi, Arizona, the “Prophecy Rock Petroglyph” of the historical Hopi, describes a future time of purification when there is a great divide in the life path the Great Spirit created. The lower path shows humans living in harmony with nature. This path is continuous and eventually is abundant after times of planetary turmoil. The upper path follows white man’s philosophy and technology, but it has an abrupt end. On this “map of time” there is a later short path that connects the upper and lower paths, allowing people to avoid the catastrophic end of the white man’s path and rejoin those who walk the path of harmony with nature. The future is the natural outcome of humanity’s choice to live harmony with nature or struggle against the forces of the Earth. The Hopi also have oral traditional stories that offer signs that the end purification is at hand. The “Blue Star Kachina” myth gives the nine signs that the Days of Purification are here. Many elders believe the signs have already been manifested.

The Great Choosing?
The date of December 21, 2012, is nowhere mentioned in the Hopi prophecies or any of the other American indigenous peoples. However, these myths and prophecies are talking about our time of evolutionary history. First Nation elders around the world have foreseen a time when modern material civilizations would become so out of balance with nature that the earth would react. Human over-population and all the problems/scarcities associated would overwhelm the ability of science, technology and government to cope. The elders predicted a tipping point when we have destroyed, polluted and consumed so much that the ecosystem will no longer support human life as we know it. Hard times are ahead. Is 2012 the prophecied time of the Great Choosing?

There is a long tradition in the West of the “End Times” and a Day of Judgment. In the Bible’s Book of Revelation, the end of time is apocalyptic for the physical world. The four horseman of death, disease, pestilence and war wreak havoc on the earthly humans at the end time. God comes to send followers to heaven and sinful people to hell.

The Bible does not mention 2012 AD; it just gives signs that the day of judgment is near. We have all heard various ministers and Christian prophets pointing to current events as proof that the Second Coming and Armageddon is close at hand. As with most cultural and mystic traditions, salvation of the individual human is based on being part of the chosen group. It is scary for most of us who are just trying to be good people, doing good work. Prophecy of doomsday encourages people to take refuge in divine grace and protection. It is easy to see how mixing the ending of the Mayan Calendar with Christian Culture creates a lot of fear.

Perhaps the most famous prophecies from the Western traditions come from Nostradamus in the 1500s. He wrote predictions of the future in short esoteric quatrains (verses) and drawings. He describes a series of historical events and natural catastrophes as signs that the end is near. Much of his warnings about earthquakes, fires, floods, planetary pole shifts, changes in earth movement are tied into astrology and divination. Much of what you see and hear in sensational 2012 movies and stories are based on interpretations of his writing. However, Nostradamus never mentioned 2012 specifically.

A more modern [1877 to 1945] prophetic seer who has impacted current 2012 prognostication was Edgar Cayce. He also never mentioned the date specially. He did describe many of the changes we see today as signs of end times. He taught that humanity was ending one phase for one Age of Man and beginning a new higher phase of human evolution. He wrote about a coming of “The New Age” after a time of cleansing. He did have a number of doomsday predictions, but they were followed by an Age of Purity. The new culture would be based on three things: purity, global awareness and high spiritual consciousness. In a way, Cayce was a leading teacher of the holistic lifestyle and conscious evolution.

Modern interpretations of old prophecies
When we look at the current future concerns of our time we can see a convergence of many prophetic traditions and intensifying worldwide disasters. Over-population, depletion of natural resources and devastations caused by climate change mean many more people live on the edge of survival and will perish when there is a disaster. Current modern civilization is unable to cope with issues of social order, economic stability, energy, water and food shortages, and environmental deterioration. As the life-and-death struggle intensifies between segments and locations of the world, everyone will be effected according to their preparation, adaptability, wealth and perhaps luck [or divine protection].

Today, our worldwide media is telling and showing us that humanity has come to a tipping point, for we are creating many more problems than we are solving. For every good news story there are two sad news stories. For every movie, video game or book about love and human triumph, there are three media sources portraying human violence, death and sexual exploitation. We do not have to be a psychic to see what is happening. Pessimism seems realistic, if we get caught up in the news and pop culture.

It is sad to watch the self-made destruction, when we have the technological, scientific, ethical, creative capacity to create a positive future. In a small interdependent ecosystem, the old evolutionary paradigm “survival of the fittest” doesn’t work. The new paradigm of conscious and personal evolution is needed to allow for constructive collaboration. On a personal level, survival means honoring and harmonizing with our mind, spirit, body and nature. On a planetary level, it means accommodating and honoring the whole social/nature interconnected system of our world. The “Grand Choice” humanity is offered in all the end time prophecies is to expand our empathy to the human condition and the needs of the earth.

Almost all end-time predictions not only have apocalyptic destruction, they also have a way to be saved. It seems like humans wish for a clearing way of all that is rotten, corrupt and broken in society. We want to have a new start, where we can do it right this time. Maybe one religion or cultural prophecy is right in timing and specifics. Time will tell.

There are tipping points in history when big shifts happen. Those who have consciously prepared themselves spiritually and physically will survive and even prosper. They will be more able to adapt, accept and move beyond the trials and tribulations of the purification. Working on self-purification now before the crisis appears will make it easier later. Using intuition, new science/technology and courage, we can join with other awakened beings to position ourselves to flow beyond the hard times.

Age of Man
All the prophecies of this year are planetary, not nationalistic. All the prophecies are about the end of this period time — this “Age of Man.” All of the prophecies are about the old dysfunctional society being purified and a New Age of man beginning. All the prophecies talk about the commonality of all people as mind, spirit, body and nature.

If you are holistic in your thinking, then you can see the bigger picture of humans as mind, spirit, body and a living part of Earth. If you believe this is a time of re-birth, then death of the old is necessary to embrace the new. If you believe we are spiritual beings having a physical manifestation, then learning to make a positive difference in the lives of your friends and the greater community is your reason to live. If you believe that reality functions on more dimensions and levels than you can possibly imagine, then transcending limited thinking and awakening to new paradigms is a glorious and necessary journey.

Time is part of physical reality, while timelessness is part of spiritual consciousness. Physically, it is absolutely true that “This too shall pass.” Metaphysically and spiritually, it is absolutely true that “all is one.” The end of time is a cross-cultural myth that describes the connection between these realities. The end of time calls on human consciousness to prepare and act now to be ready for what is to come. Action and love dispel fear of the unknown. If and when we embrace holistic consciousness, we approach the unknown future with empowered freedom and peace of soul.

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Shanti Toll
Shanti Toll is the founder of the Celebration Metaphysical Fairs, the oldest New Age Festival in the USA. Shanti has spent his life pursuing spiritual and metaphysical understanding. He majored in Religious Thought at the University of Pennsylvania and received a master's degree in Agency Counseling. Shanti taught in public schools for more than twenty years. For years, he used hypnotic past life regressions to explore the subconscious. Now he lives in Colorado helping with metaphysical fairs and wild land trail building. His websites explore humanity's search for balance of mind, spirit, body and nature: www.CelebrationNetwork.NET and www.CelebrationFair.com.


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