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Many people can sense the ongoing shift, and what a ride it has been thus far! We have seen an accelerating pace of change, as spirit urges us on to clear karma and old baggage.

Around ten years ago, feeling the influence of books by Wayne Dyer, Seth (Jane Roberts), Neale Donald Walsh, etc., I decided it was time to redesign my life. I had struck out in several relationships and had gone through bankruptcy. I had a good job, but felt stuck on my life path.

After several years of invoking the affirmations, mantras and formulas, it was clear that nothing much had changed in my life. Even though the gurus in The Secret and other spiritual wisdom sources didn’t mention it, I came to realize that “baggage,” emotional and energetic, could be blocking meaningful change and success. It was time to take a serious look at the energetic and emotional blocks and how to clear them.

My focus on clearing baggage eventually paid off, as I met my present wife Marie. The fusion of our energies has inspired us to continue the baggage clearing in ourselves, even as we began a healing path that resulted in the inception of Earth & Water Wellness. We have worked hard at clearing, and slowly it’s beginning to show positive results in other areas.

As we began to combine the modalities of Reiki, Hypnosis and EFT, it became apparent that these practices all have a common link concerning the clearing of blockages. Reiki and EFT, as well as acupuncture and many other energy practices, are able to access the body’s cellular and etheric fields where blocked energy is stored. The autonomic nervous system and subconscious are connected, and they are aware of every trauma and injury that has been suffered. Reiki can be used to scan and locate blocked areas, and facilitate extraction and clearing. Other types of energetic practice work for the same reasons — accessing the energetic body where the blockages reside.

Marie became certified in Dolores Cannon’s technique known as Quantum Healing Hypnosis, which can be very effective in resolving health issues and other problems by accessing the subconscious mind. I didn’t realize this at first, but hypnosis is one more means of affecting the energetic body, through the subconscious.

Where do energetic blockages originate? Many people have suffered one or more traumas, large or small. We take on negative beliefs. We are taught that expression of certain emotions is not appropriate, so that pain and anger are turned inward to pile up. Before the age of 7, the mind lacks a critical filter, so it accepts any message from others as unquestioned truth. Statements about money, appearance, intelligence or ability tend to stick and be incorporated into our belief system. We can develop physical illness or suffer hardship in any area of life, due to blockages and negative thought patterns.

Psychological practitioners are aware of these things, but traditional therapies are of little help in clearing the underlying energetic blockages. People might have everything seemingly going their way, but still find that a self-sabotage program kicks in and wreaks havoc with relationships, jobs or business ventures. This sabotage can be so subtle that the conscious mind is unaware of it. Such a person might try to effect change through a motivational book or program, only to find that nothing seems to work (as in my own experience). The reason that conscious effort often doesn’t produce change is that the unconscious mind governs 99 percent of our reality. We can repeat affirmations and tell ourselves that our beliefs have changed, but as soon as we go on to the next thought, the embedded program continues to run as before.

I was excited about learning these principles of clearing energetic and emotional baggage, and thrilled with the path Marie and I are taking with Earth & Water Wellness. For the first time, I’m seeing real, directed change occur in my life. Hopefully our clients will also benefit from what we are learning.

As the Shift and Transformation continues to alter our reality, more people are becoming aware of the need to clear what blocks them. Now is the availing time!

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