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“I have made no deceptions. I have told no lies. What my heart hated I did not do. I am One with the invisible God that created me. I will live for millions of years in this truth.” ~ Pharaoh Akhenaten 1367 B.C.E.

More than 3,500 years ago, Pharaoh Akhenaten had a beautiful dream for Egypt and all mankind. He dreamed of a world in which everyone lived in peace, were equal under the law, and freely offered service to each other. Akhenaten was a man with a mission: of rare intelligence and deep perception, with great sensitivity and a gift for words, and possessing an intense desire for universal peace and understanding. His aim, it is clear, was to purify a way of life he believed had strayed far from its true course through practice of a spiritual philosophy he called Ankh en Maat or “Living in Truth,” echoes of which birthed Christianity, Judaism, and Islam over a thousand years after his time.

Akhenaten believed passionately in the Law of One and the myth of Zep Tepi, or First Time, when enlightened semi-divine beings gave the early Khemitians (what the ancient Egyptians actually called themselves) a written language to express themselves, astronomy and sciences to study, notions of ethics, justice, and law, and the technology to build monumental works in stone. The semi-divine beings taught the Khemitians that all things are One, that all beings are One, that there are infinite forms of life throughout the Universe but the evolution of life is the same for all. Mind-body-spirit complexes like human beings ascend gradually over many lifetimes through seven densities of a Great Physical Plane of Life — the higher the density, the higher the level of consciousness obtained by the mind-body-spirit complex. The closest analogy is that of music, whereby each note on a scale of seven notes is higher than the preceding note and the eighth note begins a new octave.

As per the Law of One, mineral and water life appears first, learning from fire and wind the awareness of being in the First Density of life. Second Density is growth of this awareness into plant life and lower animals with some sense of self. In the Third Density, the density of present day Earth, mind-body-spirit complexes come forth sufficiently self-aware to become conscious of other-Selves. In this density, choice and free will affects self-awareness. Compassion for other-Selves and the sorrows of the Third Density becomes important as mind-body-spirit complexes seek wisdom in the Fourth Density. The Fifth Density is devoted to balancing compassion with wisdom and forgiveness of others. Graduation from this density requires commitment of service to the Law of One. In the Sixth Density, mind-body-spirit complexes practice using the compassionate wisdom learned in the Fourth and Fifth Densities to serve the Law of One. In the Seventh Density, the gateway dimension, mind-body-spirit complexes now understand the sacramental nature of all things and have no need of ego or identity, no past or future, and know themselves as co-creators with the consciousness we call God.

The seven densities of the Great Physical Plane of Life overlap and inter-penetrate each other in same time and space but are separated by progressively higher rates of vibration. Matter within the lower densities, such as rocks, trees, etc., vibrates so slowly that we mistakenly believe there is no movement at all. Matter in the higher densities vibrates so fast that we simply cannot see it. The analogy of the hummingbird bird perfectly illustrates this: the hummingbird’s wings vibrate much too fast to be seen but, quite obviously, the wings must be in motion, because the hummingbird can fly.

Like Russian nesting dolls, which contain dolls that contain smaller dolls that contain even smaller dolls, there is a working unison or correspondence between the seven densities of the Great Physical Plane of Life. The famous Egyptian axiom of “As Above, So Below” addresses this mirroring relationship perfectly and is key to understanding the multi-dimensional reality in which mind-body-spirit complexes exist mentally, materially, and spiritually. Planets, comets, and asteroids orbit around the Sun and, likewise, protons, electrons, and neutrons orbit around the nucleus of the atom. Bigger structures are connected to smaller structures, the outer universe around us is expressed by an inner universe within us, everything is harmonious and balanced and One.

The Law of One elegantly, but simply, states that there is only unity. This unity, however, has both a potential and a kinetic which yields intelligent energy that Akhenaten worshipped as love/light emanating from its source, the Infinite Creator. The One, then, to Akhenaten was symbolized as a dot at the center of the circle of Creation. The mathematically perfect circle surrounding a single dot at its center symbolized the outward flow of love/light to all of Creation from its divine source.

Cosmic harmony was the model for earthly harmony in the Egyptian Temple. Intellectual life was part of the spiritual life; mental life was a reflection of the divine life; and Ascension was the most important ideal to strive for. This holistic philosophy accounted for the variety, complexity, and multiplicity of life, but never implied separation; unity was always present. To acquire knowledge was to observe the divine at work; all branches of learning were divine. Science was incorporated into the highest exaltation of knowledge, the Law of One.

However, by the time of Akhenaten, the golden age of Zep Tepi had long been forgotten. Human personalities were given to the Law of One in a futile attempt to comprehend the incomprehensible. Akhenaten would not accept that the universe was created, maintained and transformed by an array of anthropomorphic half man/half god religious deities, because under the Law of One it was impossible for the Infinite Mind that created the cosmos to take physical form in a finite body. The theology of Akhenaten’s new religion was breathtakingly simple: the One was Infinite Mind or Spirit; therefore, the language of the One must be mental or spiritual and the divine essence of mind-body-spirit complexes was also spiritual — imperishable, infinite, and constant.

To win at the game of life, according to Akhenaten, you must see the One in each moment. Gaze into a mirror. See the One. Look at the other-Self. See the One. Look out at all of Creation. See the One. Consider all of the thoughts you created today. Was service to other-Selves freely given? Your life can flow in harmony with the One if you wish it to do so. Service to other-Selves frees you from the illusion of the separate Self and awakens you to the Oneness that lies within.

Akhenaten taught that all things are essentially made of the same “One-stuff,” inter-dependent, and totally connected. You cannot really be separated from any “thing”; you are part of every “thing.” But you can think you are separate. You can act like you are separate. As simplistic as it may sound, selfishness is the root cause of over-population, starvation, wars, and climate change here on the Earth.

As Pharaoh of Egypt, Akhenaten always signed his name followed by the phrase ankh en maat, which translates as “he who lives in truth” or “living in truth.” The root word of “maat” is “maa” meaning “to observe” or “to examine,” therefore, “maat” can be translated as “that which has been perceived or examined.” Obviously, Akhenaten coined the phrase “ankh en maat” to inspire us to live a “thoroughly examined” life ever conscious of our Oneness and to resist the illusion of the separate Self.

OK, so how do you live a “thoroughly examined” life? Contemplate your motives for giving love. Do you personally stand to gain something from that giving? If so, it contaminates the opportunity to live in Oneness. For example, if you give a gift to your lover, do you expect to receive extra affection in return? When you conditionally give something away — even under the guise of love — in order to get something back, you have lost the opportunity for growth.

Focus your attention on the “word of God” that appears in your consciousness as intuition and act on this intuition expressing loving words and peaceful action towards other-Selves. Allow unselfish love to radiate to other-Selves through you. Think of your real Self as a faucet and unselfish love as the water pouring out of you. Let unselfish love flow freely knowing that your reservoir will always be replenished in kind.

“I have made no deceptions. I have told no lies. What my heart hated I did not do. I am One with the invisible God that created me. I will live for millions of years in this truth.”

Pharaoh Akhenaten’s prophetic words may inspire you even today. “I have made no deceptions. I have told no lies.” Understand that you cannot harm anyone without harming your real Self. “What my heart hated I did not do.” Do not waste time and effort doing anything that, in your heart, you know is wrong for you. “I am One with the invisible God that created me.” Your mind is the God-given tool you use to live in this world and to create the experiences you want and need to experience. “I will live for millions of years in this truth.” Love wastefully, strive to be of service to other-Selves, and you can live in Oneness, too.

Maybe now you can feel it. Down deep, you know it. Coming in this era is a new ethic, a stronger sense of community, a heartfelt desire for a new world grounded in the kind of love — compassion, kindness, caring, sharing — that we all want to receive and so desperately need to give to each other.

Akhenaten is whispering to you from across the ages.

Can you hear him?

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