Max the Crystal Skull returns to Minnesota


In a rare Midwest appearance, Max the Crystal Skull will return to the Twin Cities during the last weekend in September. Max is one of only two crystal skulls still believed to be ancient. Max is reportedly 36,000 years old. He was found in Guatemala and was given by indigenous healers to a Buddhist lama healer and later taken to Houston, Texas. Before the lama died, he gave Max to Jo Ann Parks, whom he had befriended after treating her daughter. Many people who have had contact with Max have received remarkable advice and healings.

On Saturday, Sept. 29, at 7 p.m., Jo Ann Parks will give a public presentation at the Hilton Garden Inn near I-494 and Bass Lake Road in Maple Grove. Mrs. Parks, an entertaining Texas lady in her own right, will discuss crystal skulls and share how she received Max and kept him in a closet until he started hollering at her. The cost for the presentation is $25. Attendees will have an opportunity to briefly touch Max at the end of the evening.

Limited time for private meditations with Max is available during the weekend. Registration for private time with Max begins August 25. To register or for more information, contact Dale or Sheryl Fisher at 763.420.9017.


  1. I have explained to another person involved with the crystal skulls, there is so much information that has yet to be tapped into.

    The skulls carry information through the energy they are connected to and exists with them. The problem is there are very few people who know how to, and energetically are able to open the door to the information they hold within.

    Many people know there is energy and information associated with the crystal skulls, but no one has yet been able to open the energy information door within the skulls. Yes some people have retrieved some information from the skulls.

    It is not just a matter of desiring to know what information they hold, but a person’s energy must also exist on a level that is capable of opening the energy information doors. Kind of like an onion there are multiple energy levels/layers. Yet like a mystery, some people can figure out how to tap into and see some of the information they store within, but can only get so far and go so deep.

    The so called experts who have attempted to open the information doors to the different crystal skulls have only gotten so far and so deep. Yet there is so much more information they hold. Some of the information cannot be tapped into yet or seen/read because the information is time/date/event sensitive. All peoples energy and energy of the universe is layered. The deeper the energy layer of each person is, the more information that person can retrieve from the skulls. This is why so little crystal skull information has been tapped in to and divulged.

    I have volunteered to tap further into the information held within the crystal skulls, but since I am not considered an expert, my offer has quietly been dismissed. Which is fine! So people will parade the crystal skulls and exhibit them and marvel in wonder, but never fully understand why, how, where, when and by whom they were created.

    Oh, by the way, there are 3 more crystal skulls that have not yet been located/found here on Earth.

    The question maybe asked….”Rick, how do you know this?”
    My response would be…..”Why do you not know this?”

    Shared as an Awareness of what IS!!
    Rick Schuster


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