Thriving with Intuition: From Moosh to Butterfly


Using your intuition may serve a greater good than you know. Einstein taught us that a problem cannot be solved by the mind that created it. To get humanity on to its next level of conscious evolution requires more from us than the sum of our past thoughts and abilities. We need you to open your creative wisdom.

Huge challenges face humanity at this juncture in time: clean drinking water and clean air; safe and affordable energy; getting people to talk together rather than kill each other — just to name a few biggies.

It will take more than we currently know to implement the solutions. If we listen to our heart’s longing for love, peace, joy, freedom, harmony and prosperity — listen to our Divine essence — we will know what to do. We will take the next right action to create a world where everyone thrives, not just survives.

We, humans, need other humans, such as yourself, to listen deeply to your soul’s longing to live the great potential you came here for — to create “heaven on earth.”

What if the flowering of your consciousness is what it will take to overflow the dam? What if your intuitive hit sparks another person’s intuitive hit that begins a cascade of creative thinking that creates the next energy source that is free and available for all? Or creates a cure for a debilitating disease? Or brings more love into the world?

Someday, after mastering the winds, the waves, the tides and gravity, we shall harness for God the energies of love, and then, for a second time in the history of the world, man will have discovered fire. ~ Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Our innate human/Divine code creates compassion and integrity. When we are in integrity with Source (“integrity” comes from the same Latin root as “integer,” referring to wholeness, purity, entirety), we are in a state of wholeness. The Divine essence that courses through each and every living cell, fiber and tissue of your being, and every other being on the planet, binds us together in Oneness.

We are evolving as a human species in the way that a caterpillar knows to eat, make a cocoon and morph into a butterfly. While in the chrysalis, the old form co-exists in a moosh of cells with the new form for a while. Finally, the new form becomes strong enough to perpetuate itself. We, here, now, are the moosh of cells becoming butterfly. When we have enough new butterfly cells, we will emerge collectively to our new phase of being — able to peacefully govern ourselves and serve as wise stewards of the planet.

Be still and listen deeply to that which wishes to emerge through you. Your Divine essence requires you to know itself as an individual drop in the ocean of God. Not intellectually. Not in your mind. But know it and feel it in your cells. Out of your moosh, claim your butterfly-ness.

Be present to what is. Being still does not necessarily require that you sit quietly in meditation. Be present to what is and notice the sounds around you. Taste the smells around you like a snake flicking its tongue to smell. See colors, shadows, light shimmers. Be fully in your body. Then, listen inwardly, expectantly, for that which wishes to emerge through you.

I had such a moment walking in the woods this morning. Admittedly, it is easier in the woods, to experience and know your inter-connectedness with all life. But now, I recapture that sense of Oneness while feeling my keyboard, hearing the airplane, watching light play on surfaces. Mind is still. Breathe. Expectant. I’m here. I’m listening.

What does a world look like where everyone thrives — no exceptions? What is your unique contribution to the whole?

You, cell in the growing butterfly, we urgently need your presence and awareness now.

Leah Skurdal will lead an 11-week Developing Your Intuition course series beginning September 5. To register, contact Leah at 651.472.3995 and [email protected].

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Leah Skurdal
Leah Skurdal has been on a journey of inner healing and spiritual transformation for over 30 years. The awarenesses she has received along the way are divine gifts. Leah developed her intuitive abilities through training in various healing modalities, meditation and prayer. In her business, Mastery in the Art of Living, Leah specializes in helping people strengthen body, mind & spirit to live more purposeful, healthier lives. Visit her blog site at


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