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Our Featured Topic: The New Me: A Report from the Transformation

I have lived a life full of divergent truths — experiences that clash abruptly into each other with a silent and disruptive clatter.

I have chosen to bathe the resultant wounds and scars in kindness and compassion.

Bit by uproarious bit — with the steadiness of a relentless storm — I have come to know the truth. The truth is not what it first seems. At first, it is the details that seem like truth. But then, later, as Love fills in the cracks and makes a compress for the bruises, as I listen for the voice of the Divine singing at the heart of each moment in each story, the Truth becomes not the details of cruelty, or the tumble of chaos, but rather the completely shining glory of Love.

I have opened to the reunion of my fractured pieces, have allowed static walls designed to separate pain from pain within me to turn to rain and fall on the parched and brittle-baked soil of my inner desert. The desert has become a garden in bloom.

I have come to understand that my own integration reflects and foretells the awakening happening in humanity now. As we begin to release the walls keeping their pain separate from mine, as we change the very language that suggests there even is an “other,” and allow our hearts to guide us to an every moment, alive awareness of Oneness, we are becoming an integrated human being. One Being. Made of billions of unique, equal, and needed individual expressions of Light.

Two years ago, I dream traveled to a pink sphere out in space. Entering, I found a smooth floor, and sparkling golden DNA spirals swirling in translucent, living, pink walls.

Three tall, holy beings joined me — skin black, faces royal. I began to dance, staying on the right side of the room. They danced with me, cradling every move I made. On the left side of the floor, a sepia-drawn map seeped into existence. A sepia-skinned man literally drew himself up, all rippling muscle and glistening power. I was filled with nearly unbearable, unbelievable grief as he came into being, separating himself from what was once One. He drew the ocean out in front of him, and began to swim away, far away to a distant shore. When he arrived, he walked with arms held out before him, straight into shackles. I wept and wailed…danced and danced.

That dream is about our original oneness, and our original separation. It shows the awareness and willingness of we, the One, to create the form of masculine and feminine, a false, yet meaningful, separation, the origination of so much pain. It shows the power of the Will to sacrifice, to become other, to become perpetrator and victim, to be left behind, to be broken hearted. I had to trust that there was a reason for us — the One — to create Itself into the divided, the separate, the illusion. I believe we are now on the threshold of understanding and harvesting the gifts of this illusory separation.

Last year, on 11/11/11, I suddenly knew a new Truth. I felt the moment arrive when the totality of humanity became able to hold the re-awakened conscious knowledge of Oneness. I knew that I could suddenly and completely let go of my millennial task of remembering, keeping the truth protected within me, safe from shattering, brutal distortions. My job (and the job of countless others through time) was successfully completed! Our collective consciousness is now awake enough, strong enough, for us to know a never-before-experienced conscious embodiment of our literal Oneness. The Oneness that existed before the illusion of the split is not the same as the Oneness with Awareness that we now embody.

This moment in our history is at last able to exhale, after holding its breath for thousands of years.

Breathe out with me.

Feel the joy with me.

Experience our new Conscious Oneness viscerally in your cells and soul.

Celebrate the utterly sure success of our collective transformation from Homo Sapian to Homo Spiritus, Homo Luminous, Homo Pacem.

Just imagine (Imagine!) the world we will breathe into form with this celebratory exhalation.

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Saren Lightsong
Saren Lightsong is a lifelong intuitive healer, providing spiritual direction, holistic counseling, and energy healing. Delighting in her work with those who have done great personal healing and are looking for someone who can take them beyond all that they already know, she specializes in Transformational Kinesiology: a soul-centered healing modality that is sure to get you unstuck! Want to live your Truth with joyful integrity here and now? Call, email and visit Saren's website!


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