What happens when 30 women, men share their inspiration?

It was a typical June morning in 2012, already 80 degrees and the AC ran all night. I took care of my morning chores and then proceeded to answer emails that have gone untouched for weeks. As I prepared to edit articles for the July edition, I received a call that brought 30 courageous and inspired women and men spontaneously into my life.

Without warning, good friend and entrepreneur Lori Rekowski (author of A Victim No More) was on the phone inviting me to participate in a second book of her series that would focus on dozens of people who are inspiring others with their Facebook pages. I agreed, and the result is The Faces Behind the Pages that Inspire, a book that holds so much light within it that beams stream out when every page is turned.

I assisted with the book by editing half of the chapters and by contributing one of my own.

What I received from the project was more than words can express. I was reminded of the inherent power within each one of us to do more than our beliefs tell us we can, and I was encouraged about our collective future, because these book collaborators are a part of it.

I’m thankful that Debra Puglisi Sharp escaped from the man who held her against her will, raped her constantly and killed her husband, and now encourages other women who have been so victimized.

I’m overjoyed that Michelle Penn was able to overcome spousal abuse and then rediscover herself through the soul of the flower and the wisdom of Eckhart Tolle.

And I’m grateful that Khuram Shahnawaz of Pakistan is motivated to share “love, harmony, light of spirit and soul, solidarity and universal peace” through his Facebook page.

Like others who have read the book, I was blown away by the stories of healing in the face of death and the inner fortitude of these women and men to not only survive, but thrive — when each one of them easily could have given up.

What makes this book different is that readers can go to Facebook now and directly interact with each of these women and men. They continue to inspire and leave a little bit of who they are with each person who visits their page.

So, what happens when 30 women and men share their inspiration? We are all empowered as a result of living on this planet with them.

The Faces Behind the Pages that Inspire is at Pagesthatinspire.com, or here at Facebook. Available now at Amazon.com.



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