A Promise, a Mystery, Until Its Fulfillment


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What I am about to tell you is the most extraordinary and unique experience of my life. This experience includes my own subjective dramatic feelings, a profound vision, and a physical manifestation. Yet, its meaning and implications continue to elude me. I am wary of telling this story, for it does not fit easily into my own schema of reality, and I wonder if others will even find it believable.

As I was rollerblading around Parkers Lake, I stopped at a bench to look out over the peaceful waters. The sky was clear blue and the sun bright. My attention was drawn to a point high in the sky, a distant point of light that spiraled out as an ever larger light sequence. This light unfolded to become a vision of a heavenly being filling the whole center of the sky. In my head I heard a voice say, “In love I seek; in love I speak.” I had long considered this statement to be my introduction to Michael the Archangel. It was working and praying with this statement years before that immediately preceded my original contact with him.

Hearing these words again, I understood that the being in this vision was Michael the Archangel. He said to me, “Go around the lake to the next bench, and do not stop until you get there.” I wondered why this message might be so important as to require such a formal identification. To converse with Michael the Archangel had been a daily occurrence. Why wouldn’t such a conversation suffice?

I began skating again, somewhat carefully, up a small hill, turning a corner, and coasting rapidly down the hill. The trail continued straight ahead, while another path cut off to the right toward the lake and the next bench. As I approached this intersection, I could see something standing there.

It was a black cylinder about 8 feet tall and 4 feet in diameter, standing on the left side of the trail at the intersection. The blackness was kind of indistinct, more like a cloaking. There was a horizontal seam 12 or 14 inches down from the top, and an object appeared in that area facing out at each of the four directions. Each object was like half of a walnut shell, but smooth. My knees were shaking as I approached this bizarre thing. I had to pass within three feet of it as I turned the corner to go on to the next bench without stopping.

I came to the next bench and stopped, the thing behind me was no longer visible. I said to Michael, now available but without a visual presence, “I would like to go back and face my fear.” He said, “No, just continue on your way.”

So that was it.

I’ve asked my guides occasionally across the years what that was about, but I haven’t received a clear answer. Once I asked a psychic in Montreal that I trusted about this event. He seemed to tune into it with understanding. He told me that the thing I saw was similar to Ezekiel’s vision, that it was of great spiritual importance for me, and would play an important role in my future. When I go past that spot, I still feel an energetic presence, and sense an opening to another realm in the sky above.

Today I asked Mother Mary again. She affirmed to me that it is “like Ezekiel’s vision: a promise, a mystery, until its fulfillment.” So I wait, wondering.

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Jerry Buchmeier
Jerome Buchmeier, Ph.D., is a psychotherapist/hypnotherapist practicing in Plymouth. He and his wife Carol host group meditations on Sunday mornings at their home. Call 763.546.4133 if you are interested.


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